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Blackburn & Snow
Yes Today Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

michael thomas

too bad this wasn't released commercially,this is really good.

Jeff H

I have the cd by Blackburn and Snow. Some really good sounds reminiscent of early Jefferson Airplane and We Five.


From the fairly lengthy notes that come with the Something Good For Your Head CD: “When Signe Anderson left the Jefferson Airplane in August (1966) Sherry was even offered the position Grace Slick eventually took, but understandably she declined.” It may be that no one from The Airplane has mentioned it in interviews or even remembers offering her the job. But I imagine Sherry Snow would remember. To me it sounds like Sherry’s voice would have been a good fit. But those two songs Grace brought with her when she left the Great Society made the Airplane international stars.

Russ Cohen

This duo was definitely over looked what a travesty


Yeah.......Sherry Snow turned down the gig in Jefferson Airplane when Signe Anderson decided to leave the band.

bradford rossi

Indeed Sherry was asked by Kantner! I know bc Sherry is in my Airplane group!

Tête Dur

@Will in New Haven: unless you have it directly from the band members themselves, a minimal amount of clicking on the internet would save you from embarrassing yourself.

Will in New Haven

Not according to the Airplane. They never considered her. And why have three different names posted this same spurious idea?

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