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River Flows in You
Yiruma Lyrics


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JL Garcia

Ahn-nyung hasaeyo.

I found the song thru my 11yo daughter. She heard thru a piano app, music box? 2 Christmas ago, i bought her a piano. Bought her a beginners book but it was confusing.

We learnt the basic keys, center c, and found kids songs available. Happy birthday, merry Christmas, hey there delilah(her name), let it go and then the piano had its own way of teaching songs. Once she was realizing the key notes, she redrew them on paper so to make more visible than the little piano screen. She followed the written notes playing. She taught herself a few songs but her hands wouldn't be placed right but you can hear the music. A big song she loved was symphony 9 from the new world, main chorus part i believe. I would look for these notes but she doesn't have the piano at her mothers.

Her mother is watching her now since im in rehab. Covid collapsed my lungs which started a 2 months coma on January. Ive been recovering since march when i woke up. We video chat and laugh together. Sometimes i believe its her happiest moments. The situation is ok but if a child doesnt have to live that way, she shouldn't be.

I may appear to be something else to some but i believe that my only child should be with me while her mother takes care of the 4 older siblings. I was raised with 3 younger sisters by mother. I understood what my we went thru. We worked to help each other. So since i am still here within the same county, my only daughter shouldn't have to experienced what we did with our siblings(her mother was in the same situation too).

Sorry for venting, i just woke up because my oxygen tube (nasal conulla) fell off while sleeping so i jumped out of bed.

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Thank you for creating this piece, it inspired me and my videos.


thank u for being my inspiration



Inga Peck

Wow!! Really exciting to hear that genious Rousseau has been inspired by this piece ❤🥰

Andrey L

@Andrés Gómez a

Chatarina Shinta

@Andrés Gómez


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Adiis Piano

"Life is like a piano. Black keys are pain and white keys are happines, but we need both to play music."

The WhiteOnion

Who said that black keys were sadness, they sound pretty happy to me

̊.ᰔᩚ ̊·아멜리아

yeeess... That's life! we need both to live life.


@Jack Downton ok

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