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Black Star
Yngwie Malmsteen Lyrics


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T Meo

This is a guitarist that few will pay attention to until he is gone to fully appreciate what he brought to the USA. Of course you have Hendrix and Page, Steve Morse, Al Di Meoli, and hundreds of others. The internet is not large enough to mention everyone.

But Clapton and all the bluesmen get mixed in together as I see it and even with SRV's genius (cut way short of course), blues is not a huge sell anymore. When was the last "big bluesman" beside maybe Joe Bonamassa to move the needle? Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joey Satch, John Petrucci, are different animals imo. Petrucci even says Malmsteen "blew him away" when he first heard his playing.

For a 15-16 year old to leave Sweden to TRY to even think about re-introducing dead CLASSICAL music back into rock puts him in a league of his own. Trilogy came on the scene and EVERYONE who thought what "good" was, changed to up their game. Malmsteen may single-handedly have made ALL rock virtuouso guitarists up their game unlike anyone before or after him. There is PM (pre Malmsteen) and AM (after malmsteen) and you can hear it in the playing of rock gods.

Let's face it, if you have not heard Malmsteen, the first time you hear him you think it is not real. If you have heard of him, you think, this is not real.

I do not care if people say he is a "showman" or a "show off," - that is sort of what you want isn't it? I mean you are playing 6 strings and if your playing is that amazing that you can SHOW OFF while doing it, that puts you in special company. Eddie would turn his back so people could not see what he was doing - Malmsteen dares you to watch him knowing you STILL cannot play what he is playing 30 years later!

T Meo

I have met him twice backstage and he could not have been NICER. Both times, very cordial, funny, spent a ton of time with the few fans who paid the mere $300 for a ticket to meet their idol. In one case there was 2 others, in another venue there were 6 of us (but 4 were my friends).

Malmsteen was actually pretty darn funny and signed EVERYTHING put in front of him, fairly legibly considering. I would say in the two visits he signed nearly 50-75 items including a guitar down to a CD or t-shirt. Not a single complaint, not a single "only one autograph" and oddly, NO SECURITY was even present. He just walked back to greet us? TRUE.

The last time I met him was in 2018 in Philly and again, true to form, great show, pre show, etc. He did not complain about being a star, he did not have anything that made you feel like he was any different from the guy playing guitar at guitar center. Amazing.

I have met many stars over the years working in production and other avenues and never, ever, did I meet someone so talented, with so little "asks" from his fans. Often you are limited in time, item, etc., - with Malmsteen none of that. He easily spent 25-30 minutes with us, then even forgot he had to go on shortly. He was that "at ease" about playing in front of 2-4,000 people.

Sadly he no longer commands the crowds, but I do not care. I will pay to see him anytime I can, wherever he is and consider him a treasure for many reasons. I even own one of his personal guitars and a "Play Loud" replica by Fender (1 of 100 made), so yes, a die-hard fan.

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Jesse Cameron

when you saw some hot girls at your own concert 1:16

Carlos Mario Tovilla Tovilla



Jesse that's acutally really true 😂

Patrick Zitting


Lal Muansanga




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Pablo LM

I played this near a river, a fish turned into mysthical chinese dragon

Wyse Wolf

@shadow x Who exactly do you imagine is inviting him to parties anyways? ;p lol

Mario Rojas

@Juan Badilla 😂😂😂

shadow x

@Juan Badilla you dont get it do you?

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