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Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 In G Major BWV 1007: Prélude
Yo-Yo Ma Lyrics

a hella lot of cello
still more
lotta cello
still cello
more cello
woah more cello
2 minutes worth of cello
so much cello
i love cello
chill hoe
hello cello

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Joe LaRue

If you really look at it, there's something incredibly beautiful about this piece of music in conjunction with the visuals of the white lines. The piece, beginning with a sort of disjointed dance between G and D, feels very composed and methodical. Moving toward a goal, an endgame, it feels ready and willing to meet any challenge. But then it begins to sway, to move, to shift and shake. It feels as if the piece has lost its way, in a meandering, piecemeal way; it isn't bad, just off on its own way. But then, finally, the piece climbs and climbs, bit by tiny bit, until we reach a sudden peak and we find ourselves back around at the start of it all.

Take all of that, and add to it the video and the lines. The lines, when near someone doing something (Ma playing the cello, the girl on ice, the kids in the alley, the ballerina, etc...), shake and move rapidly. But when they get away from someone, they effects of the people are muted, so that the lines flow smoothly on. And don't take that as me saying that there is effect; on the contrary, everyone always moves the lines the tiniest bit for us all, as process goes. When you frame it in that regard, then all of a sudden each person contributes in their own way and to their own effect. As if to say, "Look, we're all connected by this force, this energy, this effect, and we all have an immediate impact; but if you want to shake the lines around others, it's really going to take some effort, something spectacular."

And when you combine this meandering journey of beauty and mystery that finally circles back to its powerful and authoritative starting point with the notion that we are all connected and all exist on the same flowing force, but we only have small effects, think about it: Yo-Yo Ma is trying to paint a picture of what he says at the beginning:

Just some thoughts. 

Brilliant piece of music, Mr. Ma absolutely nails it. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, it's been a long year and I hope whoever reads this finds joy for themselves.

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Johann Bach

Well done. This is how my music was always intended to be played

Ms. General Acker

@ethan Ye yeah the fucking joke

Frédéric François Chopin

Johann one of the dads of music 😌

Jack Colson

@Johann Bach
The new comment translator makes this the best thing.

Terrence Chan

wow ur still alive and know to ues utube

Michael Park

Yet another 'like' thirsty poor soul on yt.

270 More Replies...

Brian B

We lost a pregnancy very late in gestation. We were told the baby was not going to survive much longer. I placed my phone up against my wife’s distended belly a few times at the end and played this. This may have been the last joy she experienced. In memory of Celine.


Just revive

ethan Ye

@shut up *laughing at shut up

Thang Nguyen

@morgan palmer Michael's post was idiotic

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