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I Know I'm A Wolf
Young Heretics Lyrics

Dear rabbit my legs are getting weak chasing you
The snow fields wouldn't seem so big if you knew
That this blood on my teeth it is far beyond dry
And I've captured you once but I wasn't quite right
So I'm telling you that you'll be safe with me

Rabbit my claws are dull now so don't be afraid
I could keep you warm as long as you can just try to be brave
Yes I know I'm a wolf and I've been known to bite
But the rest of my pack I have left them behind
And my teeth may be sharp and I've been raised to kill
But the thought of fresh meat it is making me I'll
So I'm telling you that you'll be safe with me.

So rabbit please stop looking the other way
It's cold out there so why not stay here
Under my tail.

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coldburns does art

this song is really underrated.


Yes! This is amazing, thank you so much! <3


You're welcome! I'm glad ya like


I fell in love with this song when it came out and it's been a while since I heard it and my interpretation of it changed. I feel like this is talking about a abuser talking to their victim. I feel like by him singing "I know I'm a Wolf" basically calling himself an animal or monster because that's what the victim sees him as. And the part where "the snow fields wouldn't be so big if you knew" can interpret (for me cause that's what I think) basically saying small world and they met at a wrong time wrong moment, or perhaps they broke apart and got back together. The "try to be brave" and "I left the rest of my pack" could interpret him telling the victim they changed and left their rough past behind and to give them a chance. Which in the end "So rabbit please stop looking the other way" it could be because he never changed and was just an illusion the abuser put up with. Like that saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" maybe the abuser was abused and grew up with harsh parents and was always told to follow(?). But also I like the vocals when its eerie like maybe the abuser went to far and killed the victim on accident and maybe the ending is him holding her telling them to wake up and look at them. But that's just my thoughts on what this song could interpret since it could be anything haha :]


This song represents Legosi and Haru's relationship.


@grim I see, I agree with you on there cause a wolf and a rabbit can't be together which is why the song implies that lol and I respect that. And it's okay, lol.


@R0BIN27 Well, I feel it represents Legoshi heavily as a wolf, y’know ? I apologize if I had come off as rude, but I respect your opinion. :)


@grim I'll hear your opinion on why it does represent their relationship, no hard feelings but I just want to know. What's are your thoughts?


@R0BIN27 It does, if you don’t like it then simply scroll, lol.


@Shannah the ninja/neko No, why are you so mad over a comment, bro ? It isn’t that deep, lol.

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