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Young Wicked Lyrics

Fuck you think this is hoe
Fuckin′ with me it ain't worth the risk hoe
Yeah I been known to act a skitzo
Yeah yeah you know what it is hoe

I been a great
Higher than a plane
Eyes on your bae
Ride ride with the cape(?)
Top 5 no debate
No time for the hate
Let ′em put the pressure on me
I don't ever break
Look a hater in the face
Now he tellin' me to wait
He don′t really want a problem
He just wanna ride the wave
Now I′m lookin' for the paper
Give a fuck about the praise
Believe me I′m bout to leave 'em in the grave (bitch)

Burn it up, I don′t have the time to give a motherfuck
They only wanna hate it when they see me finally comin' up
I bet they only mad because they lady wanna show us love
I′ll run up in your office with a Molotov and blow it up
Blaow, Throw'd off in a cut
Money keep on comin' when they coffin′ it up
My bitch hard headed but she soft in the butt
See the money wagon and I′m robbin' the truck
(Robbin′ the truck)
One job and we all paid
Used to kick it with your homie but he all fake
Yeah you can see the evil when the wall break
Yeah I'ma but this body in the crawl space
Yeah fire from start to the finish
Yeah droppin′ these records like Guinness
Yeah fuckin' your girl for the fitness
Yeah the cardio be with the buisness like (Inhale)

Breathe hoe (breathe hoe)
Please hoe (please hoe)
I′ma bring the game to it's knees hoe (knees hoe)
Magic mothafuckin' Ninja be the team hoe (team hoe)
Got the game in a squeeze yo

Aye aye
I just want my paper, call it ransom homie (ransom homie)
Yeah them haters mad their women
Think I′m handsome homie (handsome homie)
Before she was fuckin′ you I was her tenderoni
Even your main bitch wanted a piece
But that ain't right, I told her at ease (bitch)
I ain′t ever wanna be the bad guy (bad guy)
I just wanna race around the hashpipe (?) Look (look)
She was up and down like a halfpipe (halfpipe)
She knew I'm a killer when I grab mics look (look)
I been on the rock like graphite (graphite)
And you motherfuckers need to smoke a little, act right look (look)
Y′all team ain't even half nice (half nice)
They don′t even know they livin' with a gas light look (look)
That is a mental manipulation,
Fuck your stipulations, you ain't runnin′ shit (runnin′ shit)
I'm on the road seeing different faces and they
Quick to say it I′m the fucking shit (fucking shit)
I'ma go get to the million if it gon′ kill
Me then 'fore the bucket kicks (bucket kicks)
I′ma make sure that you fakinits know I'm the
Greatest to flow you can't fuck with it (fuck with it)

Hell nah (nah) Them haters fell off (Ha)
Y′all are wack as fuck they′re too afraid to tell y'all (sheesh)
Walk into that building, ooo, I smell fraud
All that shit y′all out here poppin' hella hella soft (soft, soft)
Who in the fuck are you dissin′ bitch?
How long until I get sick of this
Round up the clique and see what the business is (business is)
I know y'all not really rich as shit y′all owe me money
As god as my witnesses I'm finna to
Get it so lets see who finishes first
I give 'em the real and you give ′em the
Fake so with me its a limited worth (bitch)
Church, I′m coming up from the dirt, I'm dedicated to work
Sick of these motherfuckers who ain′t never
Love us actin' like they the gods of the earth
Sending up shots and I watch ′em disperse
I feel like pac to you lil uzi verts
That ain't a verse, them is just words
I don′t concur, y'all sounding burnt (flame)
Lockin' my brain, I′m finna bang
Confident walk in the rain, Fall for the same
Old as Auf Wiedersehen, obviously all the
Problems that came, all went away, ghosted
God run the play, y′all in the way
Raw with the bottle of flame
All in the name of allah I'ma sing
Y′all couldn't hang, y′all fall off of the drain
I'm finna stay coastin′

Writer(s): James Garcia

Contributed by Matthew I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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