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Dark Souls 3
Yuka Kitamura Lyrics

Forsan dia piāvī dī sopha vetō tābī ēditī
Tābī ēditī vetō tābī aderō sānxī vīta diū
Abambulā... abambulā... abambulābit
Vītā pie dium hī vīta piābāmus
Vādī titubem
Hi ōtia... hi ōtia...
Nitor sēsē tōtī nūda annectātis fōrsit vāniorī longae ōrātī
Fōrsit sancīre nova dium (vītā pia
Dium adī sōle dēdō dium sānctificā)
Abambulā... abambulā... abambulābam... abambulā...

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Fan translation of the lyrics:

"Perhaps the gods repent with their death,

The gods cleansed it with their death

To seal the power within us

And bequeathed their power to their children

They will banish

Banish! (CHANT)

Perhaps the gods that banished, knew, from long ago

Banish! (CHANT)

The Truth that was concealed

The Truth of the First Flame, the Truth of Life

The Truth of Life was concealed

Life was born from the Dark

The bright light only segregates from the Truth

Perhaps the gods died to repent their secret

The secret truth of the Fire

Repent (CHANT)

That the First Dark was the true secret

Dark Souls (CHANT)

Dark embraces all

Dark Souls (CHANT)

Even the gods

And ah....

Even yourself"


Its not about how much loot we get after killing stuff...

its about how good we have gotten on our journey in this beautiful game.

and when we reach the end some of us might think " i did it! i beat darksouls 3 ! "

seeing all the history of the bosses and the creatures plus the land.

We won.

but at what cost?

god bless this game.

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David Nainggolan

After hearing this 100 times, I'm now ready to play. Wish me luck

Diego Horacio

@Hasan Mosa Nah dude I only beat the game once xd ( I dont have the dlcs)

Hasan Mosa

Don't think too hard of this
Ng10 player advice

Diego Horacio

Np dude, I found this game on of the easiest, good luck.

David Nainggolan

@TheDarkMoonMiracle undoubtedly easier than 1 or 2


@Ludevigue Lemody HELL YEAH

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Max Adame

Friend: Hey so which boss is this one?
Me: Main Menu
Friend: ...
Me: ...
Friend: Wha-
Me: Yes


@Ciprian Cristian The fire fades. And the Lords go without thrones.

Alt account

Should not be a shock, this theme was originally going to be the theme for the final boss, the Old King of the Eclipse who was basically going to be a harder pontiff.

Ciprian Cristian

@AttiMatter In venturing north, the pilgrims discover the truth of the old words:

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