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Moonquake / Ceadeus
Yuko Komiyama Lyrics

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They should havr kept underwater combat and improve it.


Yes but just don't make key quests to be underwater and that's it.


Ya unfortunately they took it out because to many people complained that it was to hard. It wasn’t the fact that it was to hard it was just he fact that they needed to get better at the game lol it’s supposed to be hard at first then you learn to deal with it


YES I MISSED THOSE. 3tri was my first game as I was 6 back in 2009. Than 3U came out and with it the Goldbeard. and 11 years later I am still sad that they didn't keep the water battles


I've said it before and I'll say it again. the water combat wasn't that bad on actual consoles, but it didn't translate well to handheld, and a lot of people experienced this fight on 3DS. I would wager that if they bought the water combat back more or less as is, on World / Gen U / the next game on a console it would be received much more positively



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Aquaborne DLC when? Brings back improved water combat and new Water exclusive monsters, and we finally get to bring back the big boi Ceadeus.

Draconic Feline

Bring back Cedeus and water combat... along with Nakarkos. Then we can have turf wars!

Burraku Dusk

Abyssal Lagiacrus. Nuff said

Ian Colvin

Monster hunter X the little mermaid

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