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Burn My Dread
Yumi Kawamura Lyrics

Dreamless dorm ticking clock
I walk away from the soundless room
Windless night moonlight melts
My ghostly shadow to the lukewarm gloom

Nightly dance of bleeding swords
Reminds me that I still live

I will burn my dread
I once ran away from the god of fear
And he chained me to despair

Burn my dread
I'll break the chain
And run till I see the sunlight again

I'll lift my face and run to the sunlight

Voiceless town tapping feet
I clench my fists in pockets tight
Far in mist a tower awaits
Like a merciless tomb devouring moonlight

Clockwork maze and unknown
In frozen time a staircase stands
Shadows crawl on bloodstained floor
I rush straight ahead with a sword in hands

Could touch of my trembling gun
I close my eyes to hear you breathe

I will burn my dread
This time I'll grapple down that god of fear
And throw him into hell's fire

Burn my dread
I'll shrug the pain
And run till I see the sunlight again

Oh I will run burning all regret and dread
And I will face the sun with the pride of the living

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Comments from YouTube:


Beginning of this song: Haha we like fun here
End of the song: I am going to murder god and claim the universe as my own

Izanagi No Okami

More like ill burn the the god lol

tohru adachi

@Somethingofnote smt In a nutshell: kill god to make a new world or be his friend

Kermit with A Gun

And thats exactly what happened

Athan Gabriel Palacol

Practically the entire game

Kiwami Cube

@Somethingofnote a little more SMT than persona

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Hands down the best Persona opening in the series. That drop is everything.

Henrique Araújo

Umbreakable Tie: Are you challenging me ?

kocak Gaming

@TheSaucyPickle shadow world epic but not as legendary as burn my dread when the drums kick


I personally have perusing my true self as my favorite opening, though, persona 3 is my favorite game of the series.

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