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White World
Zayed Hassan Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'White World' by these artists:

Frenzal Rhomb Congratulations you have won the right to anything you want …
KAT-TUN Do you remember? 出会えたあの日のこと 君を想いながら 舞い落ちる雪見つめてる すれ違って胸が苦しい夜…
Yo Gotti (White.. White.. White.. White.. White.. White..) [[Okay…
中丸雄一 DO YOU REMEMBER? 出会ったあの日のこと 君を想いながら 舞い落ちる雪見つめてる すれ違って 胸が苦しい夜…
藍井エイル 遠くに霞んでゆく 後ろ姿 悲しみ隠して 笑顔でこの手を振った またすぐ会える事を 心待ちにして 季節は廻って また冬が訪…

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Comments from YouTube:

Special Books by Special Kids

Update from from 2 years into the future: You all raised over half a million dollars for Zaid and he's more confident than ever because of your kind comments! You can watch his update video here:

Mike Hill

Updates on Zaid did he get surgery ? :)


Bless his sweet heart ❤️. He’s an inspiration for us all. Sending hugs 🫂 and prayers 🙏🏽😇⭕️❌

Angel Wayne



Your an inspiration. Ignore the haters. You got this. Bless you and your family.

Mister Matix

Zaid, hope your future is bright, brother and you achieve everything you desire. You're an absolute inspiration. Go out there and grab your dreams

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I was not expecting them to talk so clearly, that's seriously impressive

Raph Ael

@RHN people never said you can't use the word them. You can. It's still wrong the way you used it.

Raph Ael


Garfield phone

@Homer "they" is one pronoun. What I assume you mean is a plural pronoun, which it also is not inherently. Usage of the singular they exists in the bible and Shakespeare's writings.

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