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Zu Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Carbon' by these artists:

A Thousand Falling Skies Seems as the world has swallowed us whole. No such thing…
Alpinestars Image image You do what you want Image image You do what …
dasu Basahin mo ang libro ng imahe ko Tularan mo ang utos…
Simon Bookish Spaceship Earth is buried under a thick, black dust Buckmin…
Son Little Chemistry, won't let me wait. Hit you with, this inverterbra…
Tori Amos carbon made found her at the End of a chain…
VNV Nation A million points of light Ascending to the sky Monuments i…
Watch My Dying ükrök szilánkjait illesztem össze mintha csak álmodnék, meg…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Zu:

5 にわか仕立てのシナリオが ブリキのタイコただきだす プラットホームで見たものは 冷たく光るスケア リーモンスターズ フル…

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Comments from YouTube:


Volevo comunicare tanto agli esperti di musica quanto a chi ha pubblicato codesto video, che sono riuscito a ruttare a tempo con i primi secondi di questa canzone; pertanto mi sento molto felice e terrei a benedirvi con tanto amore.


O_O Meshuggah crash into Morphine... I'm sold!

andrea fumelli

If only stravinskij lived 40 years more...

Paul Escamilla

this is bad ass. my hamster has been listening to it for the past two days. I'm trying to find a little saxophone for her to play.


Doesn't it give you a sort of feeling when you get out of it all, that you've experienced something, not just hummed along?

Robert Fan

With good headphones properly driven that provide some soundstage and separation this entire album is breathtaking. Moments like 0:40 in this clip I didn't fully hear what was happening until I heard it on good gear. So great. These guys formed another band called Black Engine. Another amazing album very well recorded.


One of the best dark jazz band in the world...


Even more, this music makes my hamster want him to microwave me


dude i completely agree! to me it sounds like Meshuggah hired Colin Stetson and they started doing a sort of Rage Against the Machine groove.

Alessandro Lanzone

This is quite accurate lol

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