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Frozen Sky
cEVIN Key Lyrics

[blinding madness]
could i rot, if life gave out?
could i rot, if life gave out?

reach at a high, altitude is on fire
red again, read a lie
everyone is on fires
i'm seeing it
i am seeing it
aimed at his side
cut across to divide
up and down, what inside?
hold on to a lie
you believe in it
you believe in it

between a near
somewhere over there
when i do try and fight
can't recollect the evil deed
sure wear those clothes
i'm washing out the blood i know
more tomorrow, our deafened lies
look toward a frozen sky

frozen sky

Contributed by Sarah E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Listening for 30 years. Will be listening when they ignite my funeral pyre.


May a plague doctor shoot the flaming arrow.

Kweog Og

Funeral On Fire listening for 32 love all their stuff, SP, download, Ohgrr, plateau

eric bryant

over 20 for me and yes to the pyre oh yeah


I still remember how goddamned HUGE and fandom shaking this tune was when it came out. In my opinion, "Ghost of Each Room" was Cevin Key's best album. Everything on it is pretty much a masterpiece.


Heard this for the first time at the OhGr! We were all floored at how awesome this song is. If anything could be wrong with this song, it would only be that it's too short!

Drew Clemens

Ya gotta dig Mr. cEvin Key. Amazing.


great song! one of my favorites by cEvin Key.


awesome song but not long enough

Xenith Sanguine

That's kinda what made it so amazing. It leaves you with a "Wait!!!! More more!" Feeling.

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