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Can Ghosts Be Gay?
carpetgarden Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by carpetgarden:

Don't U Ring My Line I′ve been in the sky, i've been in the skies. I′ve…
I Think Ur Rlly Cool I think you're really special I think you're reall…
It's No Nutt November and I'm Crying in the Shower I've been waiting all this time Watched inside your pal…
Nightmare on Weed Street Sleep, pretty girl, dream love for her. She don′t know if…
Small Rooms You used to daydream about her, Hoping one day you′d find…
trip with me Haven't been home in three days And I'm afraid of…
Westside Crusin′ on the westside You better not try it, no Summer nig…
Yr the Best! I'll be the best boyfriend that you've ever had I&…

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Comments from YouTube:

casper cue

i been waitin 4 this one turn it up

• Leafy

@carpetgarden wait ily


dead girl this shit is hot right here bow skeet skeet skeet


hope y'all enjoying can spirits be homosexual by carpel tunnel 😁😁😁

C. Rodd

Ily carpel tunnel


It’s been stuck in my head for months, it’s just so good


yes ofc 🤪

Georgia Lewis

we love u carpel tunnel

Teru Minamoto’s Sweaty Ball Sack


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Alex Katakuna

imma put the subtitles cause english isnt my first language
subtitles: [music]

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