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When the Light Has Gone
dBA Lyrics

When the light has gone
And the darkness falls around you
When the stillness comes
Is there someone there to find you...

I drift to sleep In the comfort of peace
But I remember the time
When I cried in the night

The burning tears that wet my face
Run through my fingers Like an acid rain
Its been the longest day

Just being on my own
When the light has gone...

I dream of truth
As I reach for the jewel
Now the hum in my ears
Is the sound that I hear so faintly
The burning tears that wet by face...

When the light has gone.

Contributed by Mackenzie M. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Edward Simonson

Where have all the great Christian groups like this one gone? I feel like we are losing the battle.

Clint the Cool Guy

"I dream of truth". Fantastic song.


i've been looking for this track for ages!! thnks for uploading!!! 5*

Phil R

DBA Is Amazing !


Amaaaziiiinggg Traack !!! MY PERSONAL FAVORITE !!! THANK YOUUUU

Classic Trance Tracks

So gooooooooood track :)


reading what's below the lyrics - YEAH!! It IS dba!


Is it former 65dba / dba / Eils Nevitt, Robbie Bronnimann, Shaz Sparks ???

Eren Everay

someone else who thought this would be Dead by april ?

Andrew Theiss

DI.FM... Vocal Trance station right now

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