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All We Got
deM atlaS Lyrics

I never understood a lot
Cause I didn't need a lot, have a lot
So I never cared a lot
Stumbled through a black hole and ended up in Camelot
Where JFK had his head and he never got shot
It seemed perfect until the day came
Until insane became the norm
God became forlorn
It happened overnight as if someone flipped a switch
Flipped the script on this shit

Cause even in the shade and it is sunny
Somewhere over the rainbow, walking down this brick road
I stare at walls at night, hoping they do not fall down

We're all we got, don't let me down
We're all we got, don't let me down
We're all we got, don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down

See, I see through the looking glass defiant
I stand tall in the midst of giants
Gargantuan shot with an elephant gun
Smiley face 'til this face grew numb
I read books 'til my mind grew dumb
Went holy so I speak in tongues
And it's hard to keep falling when life moves around you
All these emotions swirl about you like clouds do
Nothin' to do, nothin' to do

Never once occurred to me
I'd be staring out the window
At a world that doesn't see me
And my skin can't feel the wind blow

Nothing's on my mind but the time
Usually a fool with it
Watching seconds turn to minutes
Watching goals become a finish
Watching friends turn to villains
Back in the days of descendants
I was dead and holding up the ceiling
Do you remember, do you recall
No I don't, more like it's de ja vu
Walk across a barren world
People don't play outside anymore

Cause even in the shade and it's sunny
Somewhere over the rainbow
Walking down this brick road, hoping to find my way back home

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Promoting Sounds

so good


What a gorgeous song and perfect choice for a lead single. Something different that isn't just "different for the sake of different," something catchy and poppy without being sugar-coated. This is masterfully done-- beat, vocals, video. Thanks for this.

Joseph Curtis

well said big G

Malaina Simmons


Luke Brazier

@Hoodhippo​ I didn't say they were better


Luke Brazier except less schizophrenic

Luke Brazier

It reminds me of 21 pilots

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Pfft... you guys think this is good? It was even better live. This man's got stage presence.

Kameron Naeole



yes i think this is good 🤣 i bet he is sick live i hope to see atomosphere at london soon!

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