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deadloss Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Laura Lueninghoener

I have made it a third of the way through this series tonight - LITERALLY the best review resource for my finals this week. All of the videos are extremely well-written and executed.

Marginal Revolution University

Thanks, Laura! Glad we could help. :) -Meg

Matthew Graham

The explanation about deadweight loss is the perfect example of why economics and policy don't mix well. People would complain like crazy if you taxed inelastic goods. If we were to tax basic necessities, there would be an uproar about how evil this is. We can't even get the public to release the tax break on healthcare even though it is causing a mess. Maybe we should call the relative elasticity of demand in relation to taxes the "coefficient of complaining curve". Very inelastic = lots of complaining.

memona baig

Have had microeconomics for 2 YEARS NOW and these guys explain it in such a efficient way! i have learned more in 2 days than I have in 2 years! Bless you both!

Jesse A.

you just saved my life lol. this is so helpful and easy to understand and I feel like a pro lol

Vincent Alykin

This was well-written and well-executed. I learned from this video explanation more than I learned from some other videos on the subject that I've watched.


Thank you sir. I nominate you to be the hero of Economics.

Tsal Vlaxitov

I know he mentioned exceptions, but again, the problem with this followed to it's conclusion and put into practice is the diagram around 7:27 the left would represent something like luxury yachts and the right would represent something like electricity. "Pretty clearly we want to tax the hell out of electricity because if people are held hostage to it you can get away with it." Sooner or later its going to get around to something people need instead of want.

Maya Gorbunov

I was confused about tax from my lecture!!! This video just cleared all up! So So easy!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! :)

María de los Ángeles Mena

I have no words for thanking you. You are a fantastic teacher.

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