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4 Walls
f(x) Lyrics

감정이란 꽃은 짧은 순간 피어나는 걸
티끌 하나 없이 완벽했던 시작을 넘어
낯선 파란 빛이 파고들어 어지럽힌 건
Mysteric (mysteric oh, oh, oh)
눈 깜짝할 그 순간 (깊숙한 곳까지)
번져버린 너란 blue
소리 없이 다가와
내게만 펼쳐낸 신기루

Love is 4 walls
너로 채운 mirror mirror
Love is 4 walls
신비로운 미로 미로

눈앞에 피어난 문을 열어
조심스레 빛을 향해 발을 디뎌
And I had the answers
But now they mean nothing
These walls caught me here with something
새 문을 열고 또 열수록 점점 더 커지는 너만이 가득한 4 walls
또 다른 색깔의 new walls
깊이 빠져드는 new world

반짝 빛이 나 난 잠시라도 눈을 뗄 수 없어 (없어) 넌 아름다워
투명하게 날 그려내던 거울 속엔 내가 아닌 네가 비춰와

눈 마주친 그 순간 (내게 미소 지어)
내 심장은 이미 blue
숨을 내쉴 때마다
새롭게 보이는 신기루

Love is 4 walls
너로 채운 mirror mirror
Love is 4 walls
신비로운 미로 미로

You've got to show, show me
You've got to show, show me
더 내게 보여줘

커다란 네 품 속 놀라운 fantasy
널 알아갈수록 헤어날 수 없는 걸
어디든 좋으니 이 세계 끝까지
데려가 줘

손을 뻗은 그 순간 (파란 파도처럼)
일렁이는 너란 blue (너란 blue)
점점 더 물들여와
선명히 빛나는 신기루
(신기루 신기루 신기루 신기루)

Love, love is 4 walls
너로 채운 mirror mirror
Love is 4 walls (I'm in the new world)
신비로운 미로 미로

아름다워 oh
(You've got to show, show me) 아름다워 oh
(You've got to show, show me) 신비로운 미로

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Tay Jasper, Seu Lan Lee, Adrian McKinnon

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

chisoo is jicken

3 years to have no comeback
7 years to have a fandom name
7 years to have first concert
N years to have a lightstick

And many more, SM why did you do this? You spent money, time and resources to train them ; only to treat them like they don't exist?

f(x) had the potential to go further after viral songs like "Hot Summer" "Electric Shock" and "Red Light" but you did nothing to promote them further. Why?

And I thought YG is the biggest "fridge" that hinders their artists promos, guess I'm wrong 🤡

All comments from YouTube:


use me as “f(x) needs a comeback” button


@Ahmad Daffa Adilah sm never disbands groups but the possibility that they will comeback in the near future is very low

Juco :D

@seungwan ot5 f(x) is the real f(x)

- song qian
- amber liu
- Jung Soo jung
- choi jin ri
- park sun young

R.I.P sulli😭

Kennedy Maison

@seungwan hi iughiil I’ll

Alliah Movilla



Mary from kakegurui?

30 More Replies...

Elsorius o.O

Guys lets cry together. Amber said in the podcast of Eric Nam, that they are not disbanded and will work on something. She also said that every member is down for producing music qwq

Esma Günay Berzah

@reika misaki Yes, she didn't never say this

reika misaki

Wait, is this for real??


@Esma Günay Berzah I don't read All K-Pop, but thanks for letting me know

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