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Swirling Thoughts
hotel saint george san diego Lyrics

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Ly Le

I love how she doesn’t do the “worst rated” videos. Spreading positivity!

Embrace with Christina

Yes!! I agree!

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Davide Masha

Ok but can we realise that she’s one of the only youtubers with 4 numbers in their username that is successful?

Davide Masha

@Power of Truth ✝️ jesus would have killed me for existing so…

Power of Truth ✝️

The Bible says in John 3:16-36 that whoever believes in the Lord Jesus Christ shall not perish but have everlasting life, the Bible also says in Romans 10:9 that those who declare with their mouth that Jesus Christ is their God, Lord, and Savior they shall be saved. Revelation 1:8 says that Jesus is the alpha and the omega. Luke and revelation is the ending times, and Jesus is returning back. So are you going to submit your life to him or no? Narrow is the path that leads to the gates of heaven, but only few people find it. The gates that is the path to destruction is where many people find it! Jesus loves you SO MUCH! That he died on the cross, and was resurrected from the dead 3 days later to give us eternal life..’znz


How are the other ones not successful?

Peter Camse

And still has 90 years to be at 2111 🤣 she won't live during the prime of the channel

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Samantha Smith

I would get my nails done there... but not for $80! I’m cheap 😂

Desmund Ullrich

Cheap services mean cheap results. They are cutting corners somewhere.


@ayesha yup. that price for that kind of manicure is common. if u are getting at least gel, expect to spend more than $40

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