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pleadings of remorse
irwin guiffrey Lyrics

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Real reason is perception.
Women is perceived as an object and not a person. They see women as a material possession, so it's reasonable for this guys to think the situation is enough excuse to do what they want to do.

Similar to buying at a Grocery store. Once the item is purchased, you can do whatever you want.
You lead the girl to your room, paid for everything including alcohol, do what you want with her.
Another example:
you made an effort to make them your girlfriend, and she's playing hard to get, do what you want with her once she become your girlfriend.
Get the point? Women is perceived as an object and not a person.

Guys like this would never disappear. We need to change our views 1st to make rape extinct.

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Her: stop
Him: its ok

in a few months

Him: stop
Prisoner: its ok

Maddog The Madlad

@Ahch Kalab It does happen in prison. Where do you think the joke "Don't drop the soap" came to life from? From prison of course.

Ibrahimovic Bra

i think its so easy for a woman to get a man with this shit into jail

Kim Taehyung

@Ahch Kalab yes it does-

carson wentz MVP not old ass brady

@Michelle Parks hypocrite

Roch Rabbit

This comment is gold!! 😂

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Only 9 years, but you get 15 for smoking weed. Smh

The Real

@Xavier Marks how many grams though, if more than 28 then yea I understand

Xavier Marks

@The Real they usually try to book you for possession, use, and distribution. That most definitely get you 15+


@The Real yikes then you dont know

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