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major tr3y Lyrics

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Missy Marie2

Since a third party stepped in and saved some lives, one would pray that at this moment the cycle is broken.

There is nobody to take revenge or vengeance upon, since reality is-
lives were saved.
We can all only pray that these potential victims accept this as divine intervention and turn their lives around on the spot.
The Lord just gave them an opportunity to do so, given He saved all of their lives that night.
Praying they realize this, and stop whatever gang banging they’re doing, to turn their lives around for the greater good for themselves and those around them.
Literally, just seconds longer and this would’ve been a totally different outcome.
Let’s pray that next time we hear of any of these individuals, that it’s about some efforts of theirs, being recognized and celebrated.🙏✝️☺️✌️

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Hey. His name is G-Star and not D-Mack. I apologize for having their names mixed up because they both died the same day and both from Hoovers.


@thomas more nah dawg, his name is OG riddle me with hollows.


GStar was getting back the same day 💀

No Name

@SD.Cali.619 on everything


@95 Dev straight up... my 12yr old sister can do that

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Damn that’s some bad ass timing for dude the police pulled up banging like they with the Lanes ! I’m subscribing keep dropping shit

se ven

@One Love they were probably driving on an uneventful night all the other hanging spots were empty and decided to go check the gas station on a fishing expedition since that's a Denver lane spot

One Love

@New Promotions no the police were pulling up to see what the Denver Lanes were doing there and then end up catching him at the same exact time shits crazy

Drako Sayso

Looool not you saying 12 was wit the Lanez… I guess LAPD is now sum shootin’ suwoppin’ piru police 🤣

New Promotions

They seen him come from behind the pickup truck

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