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The Creation
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1200 Micrograms Mohabaton mein Jeene wale Kushnaseeb hai Mohabaton mein Marn…
Neal Morse Long before these brave new modern times The first madman r…
Two D.J.'s What a creation, oh No te imaginas lo que pasa por…

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Comments from YouTube:

Young Kim

Funniest video ive watched!! It has a dark humor with a meaninful output. I loved it for its creative production and it reminded me of my childhood when i went to a science museum and there was a curtain infront of a wall. It asked if i wanted to see the most deadliest animal on the planet. I opened the curtain and there was the reflection of myself. So this video had a light hearted effect yet on the other side a deeper meaning. Great video.

Altair Da Rocha


Dr. Dark light

6:00 6:02 godzilla saves animals 😂

Young Kim

Abdal Wani He was high at that time 😂 I’m his girlfriend and I just saw this now wtf lmao. And no worries, he lets me use his YouTube account.

Abdal Wani

U were just high during typing comment


Ха, ну да

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The Notebook

I thought we all agreed to never be creative again.


I don’t know who you promised, but I made no such promise. Forget you punk.

Salty Pretzels

Nobody cares, go eat a green crayon

unknown animations


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