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Courage to tell a lie
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Shinonome Hakase

As someone who's studying creative writing in college, and who aspires to write stories of his own someday...

The Monogatari series has shown me an entirely different world of dialogue, character development, and plot that absolutely blows my mind. I've watched all there is so far, and I would not be exaggerating if I said it's quite possibly the best-crafted story I've ever experienced, books and anime alike.

The dialogue in this video is amazing, which is nothing out of the ordinary for Monogatari. It sends shivers down my spine in every episode; the dialogue is so unique, so vastly different and creative than any other dialogue I've ever read. It's Monogatari's trademark. Every single thing each character says is layered with meaning, with purpose, with style -- with such ODD style. And it's the oddity of it all that makes it so beautiful, so genius. You'll never see dialogue like this anywhere else. The characters talk with each other in such roundabout, enigmatic ways, and that's the whole point: if it were only a few characters that did this from time to time, then it would seem weird. Just like it would seem weird in any story. But no, the way it's presented in Monogatari... you know it's the whole purpose. It's perfect. It is DEFINED by the strange and lovely dialogue. Not to mention the copious amounts of symbolism and literary devices...

This anime is out-of-this-world. It's in its own realm entirely.


someone finally said it

Marco Perez [マルコ・ペレス]

nishio es god

Christmas tree

I think you'd really enjoy Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei.

pandotaloopss el regreso

Monogatari it's trash lmao


@PathosFear You said yourself, “imo”. Calling it a harem anime with extra steps is really a disservice to this show.

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"You aren't going to disappear are you?" kills me :(

M. Letzel

That's the lie :'(

Tubbs Aries

Shivers down my spine every time I hear it

Hachikoi 3

Dammm no!!!! :ccc

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