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Burnout Eyess
oOoOO Lyrics

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Break Yr Heartt We're hearts of flame, We ignite the way, the night is…
Mumbai You know there's nothing wrong nothing nothing is wrong. Do…
No Shore Oceans away, No shore for days. Follow the sun. Keep close e…
NoSummr4u Take me, take me to the water Summertime, summertime Maybe…
Seaww Face my head to the world To the world To sleep for…
Sedsumting Said Don't bring me oooooh Don't bring me back Don't br…
Springs Like thunder Cracking down Night coming over From my fears O…
Stay Here No tears are falling, I’m hoping slow fall down It’s sleep…
Without Your Love I try to forget I try to go over I try to…

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Too poo

Gabriella Vera I know I'm a year late but here they are (hope your calm now? xD) ;
live through the daze all the time
trying and tryna make you mine
Oh... it's buried in the sand, chase arrives
Those burnout eyes... 
Oohh... those burnout eyes



(Ohh... it's flowing up on me through my eyes?)
Ohhhh... those burnout eyes
ohh... those burnout eyes
I wanna stay just like this
I wanna stay just like... 
I wanna stay just like this
I wanna stay just like...
I wanna stay just like this
I wanna stay just like...
I wanna stay just like this
I wanna stay just like...

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Zachariah Baldwin

I just accidently typed a bunch of O's in google... what a wonderful accident.

Daisy Smith

@Stacy Syverson The genre is called witch house. If you haven't heard of them, check out Crystal Castles. Their first album is my favorite. You're welcome 🖤

Hugo Gomez

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Hugo Gomez

@Kayla Pairre uuuidsduidsdysdyydyyfudyydy |jcjcj ducdchda zoapqqiwpqqpaqpq

Stacy Syverson

I am in love with this. And slightly afraid. I do wish there was a little more clarity and contrast in the sound but definitely well mixed. Reminds me of Purity Ring. Soooooo Good.

Dantry3000 -roblox

Ikr lol

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walter Comparin

this genre changed my life


Witch House 4 Lyfe

Melike Bulut

do you guys have any recommendations?


This turned me from an emo kid to a witchy woman and then Jesus had to save me

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