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Little Queenie
sadgirl Lyrics

Close your eyes Little Queenie
Go to sleep soon
I'll be dreamin in a hurry
So I can dream of you

Aint no reason to cry
Aint no reason to doubt
Aint no reason to lie

I love you
My Baby Blue
I love you
My Suzie Q
I love you

Close your eyes don't be worried
I will always be there
I'll be over in a hurry
Any time you're scared

There aint nothin wrong
Thats why I wrote you this song
It'll always be true

I love you
My Baby Blue
I love you
My Suzie Q

I love you
My Baby Blue
I love you
My Suzie Q

I love you

Contributed by Abigail V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

lola vita

This sounds like something that could be made in the 60s, 70s, or even now. Truly timeless ♡


@Dellron Jameson Me too, absolutely. I thought it must be some unreleased track of his.


@Dellron Jameson for real though

Dellron Jameson

When i heard the first two lines i almost thought it was John Lennon singing


I thought this was gonna be a cover of the chuck berry song of the same name. Either way still a great song!

brenda a

I saw this band perform two days ago with The Drums. I had NEVER heard of them prior to the show. when they played this song, I felt like I had heard it before. it just sounded soo familiar. I’m completely obsessed with them now


hold on - John Lennon?

Essence Rainbow

I just seen them last Friday and it was amazing! I’m happy to be introduced by them.
If only I would’ve heard about them sooner!


I showed my dad this song and he started crying and we stayed up all night



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