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We have lyrics for 'rift' by these artists:

Imperative Reaction Here I stand all alone Drowning in regret I have myself to…
Mortal You say you'll lift me up You say you'll cover me You…
Phish Last night, in the moments my thoughts were adrift And coast…
Phish (W/ Carlos Santana**) Last night, in the moments my thoughts were adrift And coas…
Phish and Santana Last night, in the moments my thoughts were adrift And coast…
Singularity ft. Jenn Lucas We're drifting apart now The silence is so loud Oh, I can't…
Vince Neil The circle you are in Has lost it's form On…

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Comments from YouTube:


This evokes a lot of good memories. As a child I really liked waking up in the morning to the sound of rain against the tent when out camping. Others hated it because it was raining, but I didn't mind. :)

Fabian Schüler

i love the smell when its summer and the sun is still shining but there are a few clouds and its raining

Tyler Thomas

Maskinkultur I hate rain here in Washington we get like 3 months of no rain the just BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH


Agreed, rain has so many good qualities: not only because of the sound (and of course it being a necessary life source), but I also like being out in the rain -- or any rough weather -- because it makes me feel more alive and in touch with what's around me, and any worldly bothers take the back seat for while; it's just me and the weather (on the other hand, after a day with rough weather it's nice to get inside and it's easier to appreciate what I have instead of missing what I don't have). Also consider how fresh everything feels after a summer rain, especially on a hot day.

Kieran Hamon

I love rain in general

Jonny Williams

Maskinkultur i love it the sound of it, just makes me feel secure i guess

Med Merc

the april fools joke was that you thought he was going to fool you, but he didnt fool you, so now youve been fooled by thinking you were gonna be fooled. you fool.

Crizzity Cricket

Fuckin 4D chess right there


Please stick this comment to the top to confirm that this video is not any kind of April Fools joke and that there are no screamers or scares hidden within it.


Friendofox no

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