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tall friend Lyrics

i spilled my gutz on the floor
and you just lingered by the door
as the seconds passed, i felt like
more and more
of a monster,
of a scary thing to harbor from

i was 7 when my parents moved to separate beds
and i was 17 when i realized beds
are not sacred, they're just places
to sleep and give head

my friend says she fears that she's no longer pure
and whether that's true, i cannot say for sure
but i wish i could take her and shake her and say
"you will always be nothing but magic to me"

Contributed by Andrew L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


[You Will Always Be Nothing But Magic To Me]


really wish this was longer

Luc Wolfe

I almost want to get YouTube Red again so I can listen to this without being on the app



Nonsensical Abyss

Short and sweet <3
I wish it could be longer tho

Dante Rosales

notified boy


Dang middle school memories

aMy O

David, what is your secret to finding kewl music


the lyrics i love <3 also the artwork * . *


Love your uploads! x

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