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the Traveling Misanthrope Circus of Lunacy Lyrics

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Joji (Oh) understand, girl, I'm out of sight To the other side,…
Joji - Nectar (Oh) understand, girl, I'm out of sight To the other side,…
Nick Mulvey and if you see old nitrous man selling laughter from a can…

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Mark Schiff

@Ungratefulape The so called "Homocide & Animal abuse" is related to game mechanics which aren't canon. Take the show for example, Mario is always shown nice to Yoshi, Luigi, and vice versa.

As for the enemies, there's not a canon explanation for if he actually kills them. Even if he did, is it really that bad? Bowser's minions have committed:

- Kidnapping
- Treason
- Attempted murder

And possibly more

The same things apply to Bowser's kids. You know, the super-powered mutants that directly aided Bowser in his quest for domination? Yeah, don't see how this equates to harming innocent children like MatPat implied.

Filipe Pereira

I just came here to say one thing: Love makes you do insane and weird things for the person you love (i fell in love before and I completly understand his acts). About the luigi situation, when you love someone and you are afraid that person falls in love with someone else, you make everything to get his/her attention like what happened in the Luigi cerimony for winning the tournament, Mario was probably afraid that Peach felt something for Luigi by his winning so he made an appereance (I made this in real life but in a different way), Luigi was confused because Mario probably never did that before and their relation ship was always good. By the way, if that situation was so mean for some people, then why Luigi still likes Mario, probably appolagized off-screen. Ok ok, im especulating about the apologized.

About Mario ditching Yoshi: Do you know Undertale? That game that cleary tells that YOU as the player are the responsible for the Genocide route? That applys to this. YOU control mario and what he does, you dont have to ditch Yoshi. Another thing, does he really dies? Does it tell something about killing him? If he really died, how did he appeared in Super Mario 64 at the castle`s roof? Yoshi didnt seem mad with Mario, in the contrary he gave you lifes until 100!!
Did you also noticed, in Super Mario World, that you can`t make appear 2 Yoshis in the same screen? (If you are already riding one or you hitted the ? block where an egg is, you will notice that it gives you an 1-up, telling you that you are already riding your friend).

About killing the toads transformed in blocks on the first game: How in the world did Mario have known that destroying blocks would kill the toads? He didnt know that blocks were toads and it was the first time that he met Bowser and his acts.

Is Mario greedy for coins? What about you? Wouldnt you also grab those shiny coins? And btw, finding is not stealing.

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I love how Matt is like ACTUALLY pissed off in this theory 😭

Rare pony fan

I absolutely loved Mario as a child


this is what betrayal does to a man

soupinfested guy

@O K 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Cry about it

Michael Gillespie

@Ich heiße El Señor Andorayashi Nah, I don't think Luigi shows the symptoms, although I may he wrong. I'm not arrogant enough to think I'm all knowing on Autism, just because I have it.

o of

He sounds so truly angry and I find it so funny someone needs to bring this to his attention again

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Fun Fact: In the tennis part you can hear Luigi saying ouch while Mario steps on his foot

*Insert user*

There’s no fun in that’s


That isn't very fun, is it


Fun fact: at the end in the Mario tennis it reveals that all the game was just a movie

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