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Through Eyes Unclouded
xRepentancex Lyrics

Death's strangle hold of suffocation
As the calf is ripped from her side
Into the realm of dead and dying
Where compassions deadened by a lie

All pain and suffering ignored
For the price of commodity
The truth of mankind's injustice
Hidden in shrouds of decay
The blood stained hands of destruction
As millions are stripped of their lives
The screams of torment extinguished
By the kiss of a butchers knife

To see through eyes unclouded
The slaughter for selfish gain
The bloodlust of countless masses
The cries that will go on in vain

To see through eyes unclouded
The slaughter selfish gain
The blood lust of rabid masses
The eternal mechanics of pain

DEMONS on the killing floor,

Whispered lies of industry
Built on bones of lesser things .

Blood stained lips salivate
Hiding sheaths of serpent's teeth
Self induced cataplexy
As you rot from the inside.

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