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going my way
yozuca* Lyrics

In time gone by, I lost my will
To try and find a clear way through
Now, it's been a while
Since I asked myself what to do
It's been a while since I played the fool
Cos they said "raise your game, leave the shame
in this place where you will remain
unless you save your soul"
Now it's going my way
Forget the time that I did then
Now it's going my way
I look and everything's OK
I've got nothing much to say except
The life that I now lead
Is going my way
Going my way

It's been a while since I spent the day
The whole day wrapped up in my dreams
It took a while upstaging misery
It isn't all it seems
Now I smooth my hair, feeling tight
I'm getting into something right
Living beyond those days

Repeat Chorus

I don't understand how it came to
(How it came to)
I don't understand those depths of despair
(Those despairs)
I don't understand how it came to
(How it came to)
I don't understand reaching that despair
(Reaching that despair)

Repeat Chorus x2

Cos I've settles my mind

Settled my mind (to fade)

Writer(s): Francis Eg White, Will Young Copyright: Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Uk) Limited, Universal Music Publishing Ltd.

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Leandra Colon

^ Epic song :D Funniest character in Girls Bravo was Fukuyama. every time i saw him i would be like "omg this guy never quits, why hasn't anyone called the cops ?" but then Kirie kicks his ass while saying her famous line "IN HELL!!" They must a make a season 3 ♥

Cade Richardson

I want a season 3!!!!!!!!!!

HYE DoctorOps

I've watched this series like 3 times over the years and i can never watch the last few episodes because I'll end up in tears 😭they should have made a third fucking season😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


if you ask me it was the greatest running ever :) should start on some new series but the last episode is damn near 10 years old






i cried in the last couple of episodes :o best evar

Ashley Robinson

GB is a lovely anime i <3 it


i love this show. . . they should most definitely bring it back for a 3rd season.

MercSniper 09

I agree with you

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