For Artists

Getting Featured

A huge part of SonicHits' mission is to help promote you and put you in touch with your fans. Simply mention us on Twitter with @sonichits and we'll re-tweet you to our followers. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with our featured artists.

Or, give us a shout on our Facebook page and we'll feature you on the SonicHits homepage, and on Facebook and Twitter.

Random Videos are Displaying

Sorry about that! We can definitely curate all your videos to make them correct.

The way SonicHits finds its videos is by doing an automatic YouTube search for artist name + track name. For example: Madonna Like a Virgin. If the videos you are seeing are seemingly random, these same videos will also appear when doing a search on YouTube for this artist name + track name.

Right now SonicHits only sources its videos from YouTube. So, to make this right, we need to either get your music up on YouTube (or locate it if it's already there), or remove your tracks. You may not want your music on YouTube but still want it on SonicHits, in which case if you were to upload the tracks onto YouTube, make them "unlisted" and then share the links to them with us (via email to support [at] then we can put them up.

We can also assist in getting these tracks onto YouTube if you'd like us to. Let us know!

As a thank you for reaching out to us, not only will we carefully curate every one of your videos to ensure they're correct, but we'll feature you on the SonicHits homepage, and Facebook and Twitter.

How did my music get on here?

SonicHits sources its track listings from's public catalog (via their API), and combines this with publicly available YouTube music videos, and licensed lyrics. You must be listed on, and your music must be on YouTube. Click the YouTube logo down the bottom right of any video (on a desktop or laptop) in order to view the video on YouTube. Further artist bios, images, reviews, news and blogs are sourced from Echonest's public API.

If you would simply prefer not to have your music listed, we respect that and will remove it promptly. Simply email us at support [at] with the artist name you would like removed.

Getting in touch with your Fans

SonicHits is a brilliant platform for communicating with your fanbase. Use the comments box under any video to speak with your fans. Validate your identity by simply commenting using your official Facebook page or profile.

Can SonicHits plug into my Facebook page?

Once we've curated your videos, we'd love to become the streaming music player for your Facebook page. Take a look at Bob Marley's page on a desktop or laptop to see what we mean. We've done the same for Ziggy Marley, and would love to do the same for you. There's no cost, and we'll send you a simple link to add the tab. Just email us at support [at] and we'll get onto it!

Contacting SonicHits

We love to hear from you. You can reach out to us by email to support [at] You can also visit us on Facebook and Twitter.