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Untrust Us
Crystal Castles Lyrics

La cocaina no
Es buena
Para su salud

La cocaina
Is not good for you

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despite all the cocaine lyrics, this song is kinda sad

131- Trixie _ StarBerry - 999


squirt reynolds

@SLIPPY finger.Bandit No, I quite agree with you, although my consumption wasn't as high as yours (taken somewhat of a break now with covid, I don't really care for coke that much alone and I quite like sharing it with pals)
Coke is lovely when you're high on it, and when you've run out, there's this psychological downwards spiral along with the comedown. Spending good money on a drug with a rather short rush, feeling depressed afterwards etc. It's a love-hate relationship. Everything is great while on it (except stim/coke dick), and once you're sober, you come to your senses and realize what a terrible mistake you've done copping that baggie. A kpin or a Valium after and you stop caring. A mistake usually repeated. Oh well.

SLIPPY finger.Bandit

@squirt reynolds As someone who used to do a ball a day I disagree entirely.

Mega Dong

@Ángel Bryan got more street smarts than you little man, coke ain't shit.

Ángel Bryan

@Mega Dong You are not very smart, are you?

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Adrian Ghastly

I was barely a kid when this came out, but I always recall this song being on in my dad’s car when he would pick me up from school

Useless Villager

Bro, how old are you? 12


My Mom used to play this album all the time when it came out, good times

Internet Bad

@Justin Kennedy actually i wanna do the same

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