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Ideas As Opiates
Tears for Fears Lyrics

Say what you want
Say what you will
Cause I find you think what makes it easier

And lies spread on lies
We don't care
Belief is our relief
We don't care

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Ren Elias

Great song! Americans S6E6 brought me here..apt music for an excellent episode...

Bradford Pauler

@jari56ify that's interesting you'd say that.... I'm 52 and always thought I was a genius at knowing music.... And over the years I've noticed....more and more...and yet it still gets to me.... I look up countless songs and I will notice that people keep naming something I know ( nor should care ) nothing about... ( I don't know or care for mainstream TV - in general )... And movies too... It might have started when Queens overplayed ( though great band ) Bohemian Rhapsody was re-popularized in a 90s movie.... Since then.. Countless songs I've noticed have been "known" and then...likes by people who ''saw" okay, heard movies....or some popular TV show.... And .... Voila! There popular songs now???? So that proves that commercial radio does NOT have to be run by...only corporate execs.... If you simply play something good ( sorry no more time to elaborate ) on ANY commercial mainstream medium... The masses will catch on to it.... Why can't we DO just THAT??? Like we did from the 60s to maybe the early 90s? Oh yeah....i kinda know the ugly truth.... But remind me.... ( I try to live in ideal world....)

The UnknownCommenter

@jari56ify Oh come on dude are you serious? Who cares how someone found a song?


If you need a TV show you make you listen to such an iconic band, focus on that and how fucked up it is instead.

Ric Schmeelk

The 1980s brought me here


@FabSteff66 me too

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they made this record just to run errands and they did a true masterpiece. Not just talented young men, real visionnaries.

Vini Terranova

Say what you want
Say what you will
'Cos I find you think what makes it easier

And lies spread on lies
We don't care
Belief is our relief
We don't care

Ricky Valentine

@Paul Franklin Anderson I'm confused what did he really I thought he said he said say what you want , say what you won't don't make any sense look up the lyrics again as a suggestion and I will look up what he really said

Paul Franklin Anderson

say what won't

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