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Skit Mikey
Aventura Lyrics

Hello? who's this?
Jejeje... is this johny marine?
Yes it is. you doin?
I'm doin good, I'm doin good...
Who am I speakin to?
Je... don't worry about that...
Who's this?
Jejeje, shut up!
Shut up? I don't get this.
You're callin my phone but you're tellin me to shut up?
I'm sorry.
Sorry bout what? who's this?
I'm just playin with you. you kno me.
I'm not here to play any games my friend. who's this?
We're from the same hood.
Dat's right.
From the hood? where, what?
You're aventura's manager, right?
Yes I am.
Uhh... I like dat...
Hehehehe... you like, how you like that, what you mean?
I like, not them, not gay...
I'm not gay, I mean I like their music.
Oh, ok...
How I may help you.who's this man?
Yeah.I got some questions...
Ok.go ahead.
Yeah.hold on. I'm thinkin about them.
You callin me, you got questions, but you don't remember them?
Why you so rude?
I'm not, I'm not even bein r...
Que te pasa gato?

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Comments from YouTube:

Erica Paz

you guys should def. do a remake it was hilarious!

George Dantz

Love the Aventura skits! You guys are cracking me up!💯👍


lmao.. too funny.. the dude with the hat is nice at it.. nice vid

Pamela Ferrera

Omgggg I love this 😍😍👏👏😂😂😂

Luis Rentas




Andy P

I have this on my ipod. Didn't know I'd find this on youtube as a video. This doesn't sound like the original one though

Mijael Zegovia

ay lmao

Andy P

@HOMIE LB lol I posted that 10 years ago

alexander melendez

lmaooooooooooo  Thumbs Up

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