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Mannish Boy
Muddy Waters Lyrics

Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

Everything gonna be alright this mornin'
Now, when I was a young boy
At the age of five
My mother said I was gonna be
The greatest man alive
But now I'm a man
I'm age twenty-one
I want you to believe me, honey
We having lots of fun

I'm a man (yeah)
I spell M
A, child
That represent man
No B
O, child
That spell mannish boy
I'm a man
I'm a full-grown man
I'm a man
I'm a rollin' stone
I'm a man
I'm a hoochie-coochie man

Sittin' on the outside
Just me and my mate
I'm made to move
Come up two hours late
Wasn't that a man?
I spell M
A, child
That represesnt man
No B
O, child
That spell mannish boy
I'm a man
I'm a full-grown man
I'm a man
I'm a rolllin' stone
I'm a man
Full-grown man
Oh, well
Oh, well

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Ellas Mcdaniel, Melvin London, Mckinley Morganfield

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Privy Cigar Sommeliers

True story - I heard this for the first time when I was 14 on summer break. The next night, my buddy had a little bonfire at his house with some friends (3 of them were young ladies), when his parents were out of town. I popped this tape into the boom box, and on that same night, I had my very first 40oz of Mickey's, got laid for the first time, the cops got called because we were too loud, and I had to walk my bike home (3 blocks over) at 2am. My Mom was pissed - Dad was trying not to laugh. The next day, the old man came home from work early (before Mom got home), and told me to come out to the patio. He had 2 glasses sitting outside, and he cracked a beer, poured a little in my glass, and dropped a box of rubbers onto the table. He heard me blaring this song in my room, and the general talk was something like this:

Dad: Being a man is not drinking and screwing and getting the cops called on you. Being a man is having to deal with the consequences of your actions, owning up to responsibilities and doing it every day. Did you get some p***y, son?
Me: (hesitantly).......yeah......
Dad: Next time, use these. It's your responsibility. Understood?"
Me: Understood, Dad.
Dad: Good. NOW you're a SMART man. Don't do stupid sh*t, and you'll enjoy life a lot more. Don't let Mom know I gave you some beer. It'll help your headache. Mow the lawn before Mom gets home.

I'll never forget that, or this tune. I've been rock n' roll ever since; and I'm WAY past 21 now, with a family of my own.

Blues; Rock; call it what you want. It's as American as apple pie. Every young man should hear this song. Thank you, Muddy. RIP Dad.


Muddy Waters – vocals; guitar
Bob Margolin – guitar
Pinetop Perkins – piano
James Cotton – harmonica
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith – drums
Charles Calmese – bass guitar
Johnny Winter – guitar; miscellaneous screams, shouts, yells, & affirmations

*This is the 1977 version, produced by Johnny Winter. Muddy Waters recorded the original version in 1955, but he re-recorded the song numerous times during his lifetime with various producers -- each take slightly different, but ALL bad-ass!!!

All comments from YouTube:

Alex Horton

Muddy Waters granddaughter was in my high school band. She severely underestimated how famous this guy was. Our band director flipped out when she told us.

Glenn Piticco

That’s so cool…you’re so lucky…what an amazing blues artist he was and will always be…fantastic music!!!


@Colonel Georges I hear you, man

Colonel Georges

Alex, and nobody understand what is like to leave post smavery plantations were descent of slaves stays to work (were going) and have in your mind to become a musician. Muddy Waters develop post slavery african american first Ego. This influence not only create rock but the ego trip in hip hop . The first guys with gold teeth, well dress, showing money are blues mans. To say to you you are somebody. This song has for me a subject of affirmation to ! Îm a MAN! for the descendant of slave he was who leave the plantation and beleive in himself. Some today guys heard interviews and say he was a little arrogant but nobody really think of what it was for this time to do what he does. Listen to this first intro 0:01 where do you thing that come from, and this fuckin deep intro lyrics …

Hoochie Coochie man, Catfish blues … Please, make her read the comments section!


please please don't lie to us :-) :-) I love this man Muddy Waters
I sneaked in a link to Mannish Boy in a paper about adulthood, in university. The prof was not amused ..


I'd have died.

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Patriot Dawn

Muddy Waters may be gone but his music still kicks ass.


@Fasil Limerick don't wanna be an americaaaan idioot

Fasil Limerick

Hi there Mr. Front, I'm Fasil. I don't mean to judge or gatekeep, but considering your thumbnail, I just have to ask: are you lost? I get that Mr. Waters made stirring music, but I didn't think that a Black Man singing about the indignity of being called a "boy" would, you know, be your flavor of Mint Julep.

Again, it takes all kinds, and I'm of a certain Percentage myself.

Tania Araujo

Yeeaah darling , kicking asses from blues paradise

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