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Beethova Obas Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Beethova Obas:

Couleur Café J'aime ta couleur café Tes cheveux café Ta gorge café J'aime…
Couleur Cafè J'aime ta couleur café Tes cheveux café Ta gorge café…
Ke'm poze Yon samba ke'm rankontre stidyo dore gade'm nan je pou'l di'…
Kon lanbi Mwen nan dømi m wè'm nan yon peyi kote rayisman pouse divizy…
Manje bliye M'ouvri radyo'm pou'm kon'n sakap pase lib tribun yon peyiza…
Nou Pa Moun Tankon fèy palmis ki seche Kap tann yon van soufle Pou li…
rasanblé yeiye iye iyeee ooooooo Ayisyen rasanble pa di'n pa meleee o…
Si Si jodi-m pran bato Pou-m néyé kou-w krapo Nan mitan vag lan…

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Comments from YouTube:


Old School Haitian Kompa is never old! A classic. He need to perform of all his major songs!

Vico Mirá Gönz

Felicidades por este festivo y maravilloso ritmo, visiten algun día México.

May Okiwe

Yes, this is stupid good! I am so disappointed that I didn't discover Beethova sooner...this album is stuffed with groovy Kompa from beginning to end, it's such good listening! This album is right up my African/Haitian/Cuban/Latin music ally, and it's time for me to have more of this beautiful and fun music in my life...hum, I think I may even learn how to dance to Kompa music too, LOL! :-) Thanks for the upload, amillyansoundzmg! <3

kency Paul

If like him then follow Emeline Michel her friend

Petey Pete

May Okiwe it's not kompa this is haitian foklore mix up with Ja

May Okiwe

@Randy Flash Hi! Yes, Beethova has been very heavy in my music rotation since I discovered him, and I couldn't agree with you more. 😊 Can you recommend any other Kompa artists that you think I would like? Do you have any other favorites? I would really love to immerse myself in more of this beautiful music if you can think of anyone...thanks!

Randy Flash

May Okiwe I get what you feel... I have known Obas and his musics for a long time, but every time I forget about him it is such a disappointment for me to feel like I have lost so much time listening to other irrelevant stuff knowing he was just there with his smooth and revival musics. Bethovas obas is the perfect mixture of great I mean amazing messages that can uplift you and that smooth jazzy yanvalou konpa sound meant to make you relax. If you have good musical taste you will always love his work


Gosh! I love this song

Caramel Honey

I love this song


I have no idea what he's saying but man, am I in a good mood all of a sudden.

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