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"Highway Blues"
New Stories Lyrics

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Body & Soul My heart is sad and lonely For you I sigh, for…
My One And Only Love The very thought of you makes my heart sing Like an…

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Queen Vicki Hester

Branch: Vicki, is that your mum?
(Placing her Growl phone on her life jacket, Vicki nods)
A quite young woman was giving you support at the human world?
Queen Vicki: Yep.
Shrek: Oh. She must be smart and also kind if she is on her house.
What exactly is she want you to do?
Queen Vicki: Actually, she's rather busy playing games on her computer.
This is the least what my grandma used it say to me, after the big surprise for me.
(Holding her handbag on her shoulder, she goes to the door)
(She turns her head to Sulley and the others)
I am growned up once if I'm 21.
(With a smile, she goes)
Music: ("Highway Blues")
(Later, Vicki rides her motorbike with high speed)
(She arrives at Welshpool)
Emma: Hi, Vicki!
Queen Vicki: Hi, Emma!
(Even Emma Bennett waves to Vicki who waves back to her)
(At the bank, Vicki is waiting in the front of the line)
(The man hands Vicki lots of money in the small plastic wallets)
(The woman hands her some stamps)
Thank you.
(Vicki places them in her handbag)
(Later, at Morrisons, Vicki is walks along with the basket where she holds it)
(She buys a small bottle of Pepsi Max, the Belle Color blonde hair dye, the felt tip pens, the size 16 blue jeggings, the Elsa from Frozen 2 shopping bag and the white tiger hairbrush)
(She scans her items at the till)
(She places them in her bag and take her rue sheet)
(She walk on)
(At the British Heart Foundation shop, Vicki places the DVDs on the shelves)
(She places the numbers on the hangers in the right order and hangs some clothes)
(Vicki buys the white tiger doll by the lady)
(The lady gives her a change)
(Vicki smiles and looks around where the five of the people surrounds her)
(At the pheasant inn, Vicki is sitting on the sofa)
(She takes her phone and massages her mum)
(Then, she buys the man a wine, just like she plays Jennifer)
(She hands his drink to him)
(Later, Vicki is practicing her white tiger fighting style technique karate moves)
(She practiced ballet on stage)
(The man hands Vicki a golden trophy and gave her a hand shake)
(laughs) Thank you.
(With a smile, Vicki looks at the camera)
(Later, Vicki walks onto the town and spots Natalie)
Natalie C-Jones: Hi, Vicki!
Queen Vicki: Hi, Natalie!
Nice to see you!
Natalie C-Jones: You been out shopping and doing your jobs?
Queen Vicki: Yes, I got the golden trophy that man give me this.
Natalie C-Jones: Wow! That's great, Vicki!
Did you win?
Queen Vicki: Yes!
Natalie C-Jones: Atta girl! Bye, Vicks!
Queen Vicki: Bye!
(Later, Vicki rides home with her motorbike)
(music fades to end)

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I'm glad to finally hear this full version of this nice jazz music after hearing a short version of it on Windows XP back in 2002!


Windows XP brought me and everybody else here.


I even have this CD here...

John Green

Wrong. I’m from LOL WUT.


Me too; I used to listen to a short version of this music from there many years ago. Ah, the memories!


I remember 10 years ago every video made with Windows Movie Maker used this song.


@IEEE1394 Gaming 2010 was the best!

IEEE1394 Gaming

@D.G Ten years ago you say. That's funny, bc that's when I stumbled across this song. God I miss 2010


Ultralulz305 wow one whole year😑


my nigga that was 2008

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