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Jheel Pe Jaise
Lucky Ali Lyrics

Jheel Pe Jaise Naav Chale Aahistaa Aahistaa,
Baadal Mein Aise Yeh Chaand Chipey,
Kehne Ko Hai Yeh Bhi Chehra,
Chod Aaye Pichey Hum Kisko Kahan,
Unko Khabar Hai Ki Hum Hai Yahan,
Aaye Baharon Mein Mehkaayi Raah,
Phir Milney Aayenge Kya...
Bas Thodi Doori Yeh Raastha Kahe,
Rukney Lagey, Phir Chal Diye.
Jab Woh Hamey Yun Dilaatey Hai Vaastaa Vaastaa,
Rishte Hum Aise Nibhaatey Hai,
Raat Se Jaise Koi Subah.
Ab Hai Nazar Mein Ek Aisa Samaa...
Lekar Hi Aayenge Tum Ko Yahan...
Anjaan Rahon Ke Anjaan Rahi.
Jaaye Toh Jaaye Kahan.
Tum Ho Salaamat Yeh Dil Yun Kahe,
Chaahe Miley Ya Na Miley.
Door Se Jo Bulaaye Toh, Aaja Na Aaja Na,
Chaahe Savaari Bhi Na Miley,
Ho Sakey To Chalkey Hi Aana...

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Comments from YouTube:

phalguni bandhab das

1999 life came to point blank. Nowhere to return no where to go. Then my friend Nilu gave the Sifar cassette.. I taught me so many thing. Now I listen sifar....the complete always finds way to grow and win.....thanks to the lyrics

Gaurav Soankar

Very few people will listen and like sifar songs because they are too deep... my favorite album ever.... songs deeper than Ghulzar's but simpler than Javed Akhtar's

Vikram Patil

well said. the songs in sifar takes you on a spiritual journey..

Ray Sudip

Too sweet but deep enough

end of the world

Lyrics iska likha kon gulzar ya fir javed akter

Syed Tareque

Gaurav Soankar couldn't agree more. Sifar is a masterpiece.

Rushabh Shah

Sifar is one of the most epic albums of the world. So much harmony, depth, so much soul. Lucky Ali's raw voice goes so well with his unplugged earthy sense of music!

somesh chandra sharma

Lucky ali is easily the pink Floyd of india. The type of songs he sung takes us to a totally illusionary world with super sweet harmony and chords of totally different families. It's like sitting in a spaceship and going to a journey nobody knows where.

radolf p

It's 18 years..m still listening this have a deep's about people places we met and left behind in past and when we look back it's strange that we came such long way.. and often wonder..Will those can be has a romantic incarnation soon after the first chorus

Dhaval Prajapati

The only song which i heard from Sifar was Dekha hai aise hi when I was in 4th or 5th standard. But after these many years in 2016.. out of no where i have listen all its songs for the first time and I am amazed by the quality of songs. Amazing lucky ali.. Thanks getkishi for sharing it.

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