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Prelude in D flat Major Op. 2815 'Raindrop'
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Frédéric Chopin:

Dwojaki koniec Rok się kochali a wiek się nie widzieli Zbolały serca oboje…
Gdzie lubi Strumyk lubi w dolinie Sarna lubi w gęstwinie Ptaszek lubi p…
Hulanka Szynkareczko szafareczko Co ty robisz stój Tam się śmiejesz …
Melodia Z gór gdzie dźwigali Strasznych krzyżów brzemię Widzieli z d…
Moja Pieszczotka Moja pieszczotka gdy w wesołej chwili Pocznie szczebiotać i …
Narzeczony Wiatr zaszumiał między krzewy Nie w czas nie w czas koniu Ni…
Nie Ma Czego Trzeba Mgła mi do oczu zawiewa z łona W prawo i w…
Nocturne My books lie unopened We’ve barely left a word unspoken Exp…
Nocturnes My books lie unopened We’ve barely left a word unspoken Exp…
Pierscien Smutno niańki ci śpiewały A ja już kochałem A na lewy palec…
Posel Rośnie trawka ziółko Zimne dni się mienią Ty wierna jaskółko…
Precz Z Moich Oczu Precz z moich oczu Posłucham od razu Precz z mego serca I se…
Sliczny Chlopiec Wzniosły smukły i młody O nielada urody Śliczny chłopiec cze…
Smutna Rzeka Rzeko z cudzoziemców strony Czemu nurt twój tak zmącony Czy …
Spiew Z Mogilki Leci liście z drzewa Co wyrosło wolne Znad mogiły śpiewa Jak…
Śpiew z mogiły Leci liście z drzewa Co wyrosło wolne Znad mogiły śpiewa Jak…
Wojak Rży mój gniady ziemię grzebie Puśćie czas już czas Ciebie oj…
Zyczenie Gdybym ja była słoneczkiem na niebie Nie świeciłabym jak tyl…

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If you play them on a piano, G# and Ab sound the same (they are called enharmonic equivalents).

But an Db major chord is made of the note Db (root note), F (major third) and Ab (perfect fifth). You can’t use G# because Ab is the fifth degree of your scale, while G# would be the fourth degree (Gb) raise a tone sharp (which would be a very weird thing to use right ?) !
Here, the piece is in Db major so the notes are
Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb C and back to Db so this is actually an Ab and not a G# !
Can you see why it wouldn’t make sense to use - Db Eb F Gb G# Bb C Db - instead ?
As a rule of thumb, if you are using a mode of the major scale (or one of three minor scales), each note name should appear once and none twice.

TL;DR If your music is tonal, you need to think about what the note represents whitin the key and the context to know which enharmonic to use ;)


this piece is probably the first and only piece i've ever experienced...whatever any one would call this, but every time i listen to this i just have this...mental film playing.

0:00 - 1:43 a wide field, vivid green grass, strewn with large patches of various wildflowers, slight slopes here and there, a smallish building or two (shed like buildings i guess).

1:43 - 4:44 a gradually strengthening wind blows in, looking towards the wind, seeing dark clouds quickly covering the sky. 2:26 (and various other points with this impact of notes) bright flash of lightning, loud crash of thunder signals a sudden downpour of rain. try to find shelter in a close by shed, helping to cover mostly, with few dripping leaks. walls creak from the wind and rain audibly splatters but holds.

4:44 - 5:40 the wind calms, rain lightens to a misting, heading out to find light grey clouds, slowly drifting off to uncover a darker blue sky (few hours time pass) the field now has a shine and somewhat new vigor to it in a way.

it might be weird but yeah...not much to really say about it other than that

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Chopin. Raindrop Prelude Op. 28 No. 15. As with all his compositions, Chopin did not give the name to this one himself - rather it had been given to the piece by Chopin's lover, George Sand, while the two were staying at a huge Carthusian monastery in Majorca, an Island off the coast of Spain. According to legend, the monastery (being stuck between rocks and sea) allowed wind and rain inside, causing Chopin's already poor health to deteriorate. Chopin spent a lot of time listening to the repetitive drip-drip-drip of the rain outside, which is said to have inspired the repetitive Ab note throughout the piece. Hope you enjoy this touching performance by SPQ - I hope it's not raining wherever you are, and that you have a beautiful Thursday ♥


Rousseau yuhhh


Thanks, you too! <3




Beautiful. May you play the Italian Polka please? Thank you!


Thanks!! ^"^

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The simulacrum continues forever.


my thoughts 50 years later when this piece randomly resounds in my retirement home (the sesbian lex have scarred itself into my brain)

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