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Fit Song
Cornelius Lyrics

Just fit mis fit
Kick slap hit don`t hit that
Flash click break

Look down stop
Walk around look now
Well watch out
Look well

Find it pick up
Stop yes!
Ring bring
Some thing
Paint it

Just fit mis fit
Wind blows mind flows break

Be bop hip hop
Drop flip flap flop
Swing down swing up down
Twist change

Clap hands
Shake hands

Start stop
And move

Contributed by Victoria P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


この曲も素晴らしいですが、このビデオ素敵ですよね。 他の曲も、映像のあるもの、UPしてほしいです。


Mind blown, great audio-visual artefact.



Tokyo Track Club

This is another that was on NHK' J-Melo that I found stunningly well matched. Great arrangement, rhythm and vocals Cornelius! What can be said about the video, well, the video effects as well as being very clever and intricate, are synchronised impeccably with the tracks elements. Bravo, Sugoi Desu :-)

Emanuele Russo

who is the director of this video??

great both! song and video :)))

Emanuele Russo

+Eric Edwards thanks mate!!

Eric Edwards

Koichiro Tsujikawa



michael haddan

Fantastic & wonderful~~

Denny Tidwell

sounds great thru my spealers.

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