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Walk in the Park
Oh No Oh My Lyrics

Nice day for a walk in the park.
Nice day for a drive through the city.
This world is a warm, sunny park.

Nice day for a talk with your girl.
Nice day for your shop to get busy.
This world is of no empty part.

Please don't ask me all those questions i don't know.

Please don't ask me all those questions i don't know.

And when you wake up early and the sun is shining,
Are you ready for a day that's comin'?
It's comin'.

Nice day for a walk in the dark.
Nice day for a drive-by shooting.
This world has a warm, sunny heart.


Contributed by Elliot F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ryan Fong

nothing like listening to this after a long day of school on friday

Full episode

Es super motivadora y positiva , tiene un ritmo me encanta 😚😚😚❤❤❤❤ me subcribo

Carte Blanc de Jaqué

Nice day for a drive-by shooting.       :D



!pUnK!TV !uno!

Ladadadtada ladadatda

Dlbr Jean

Very beautiful song.


This is from a tv commercial for an auto brand. First thought this was the Beatles ( I usually think they're overrated) but this sounded nice :) A Green Day cover would be nice too :) I don't know why, but I just think that if they would remake this song, it would have a nice sound to it. The Green Day from their rearlier albums I'm talking about. Not that Green Day's newer albums suck, I like them too, but I think their earlier albums are better :)


I had to check this song up in iTunes to make whether or not that cover in the "video" is official (and it damn is :D). Can't say the lyrics of the song and the cover match one another in style :D


I love how it's so sarcastic at the end.

Tyler Lamb

this song is soo relaxing

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