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Duel of the Fates
John Williams Lyrics


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Joseph 1971

Lyrics -
Korah Matah Korah Rahtahmah

Korah Rahtahmah Yoodhah Korah
Korah Syadho Rahtahmah Daanyah
Korah Keelah Daanyah
Nyohah Keelah Korah Rahtahmah
Syadho Keelah Korah Rahtahmah
Korah Daanyah Korah Rahtahmah

Korah Daanyah Korah Rahtahmah
Nyohah Keelah Korah Rahtahmah
Syadho Keelah Korah Rahtahmah
Korah Matah Korah Rahtahmah

Korah Daanyah Korah Rahtahmah
Nyohah Keelah Korah Rahtahmah
Syadho Keelah Korah Rahtahmah


when someone says they like both, but prefer cats
when someone says anything about the prequels
when you pull your phone out in class
when there's only one slice of pizza left
when someone says fortnite is better than minecraft
when skiers and snowboarders argue about which is better
when the two smartest kids have different answers on the math test
when someone doesn't wear a mask to school
when someone pulls out a phone in class
when you do literally anything on roblox
when someone says "star wars" and "disney" in the same sentence
when someone thinks star trek is better
the neighbors after someone puts a single political sign in their yard
when someone spoils endgame even though its been out for 2 years
anything involving gordon ramsey
when you turn in the homework 0.00001 seconds late
when you correct a nerd on something
when you hack on a video game

when some random person on youtube posts a bunch of memes in one comment cuz everyone else is doing it even though it's not funny

lmk if you have an idea for one


Duel of the fates? Now that's a song I haven't heard in a long time... Long time.

I'll be back.

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Imani Jones

“It doesn’t need to end like this.”

Kevin stared his former friend Collin in the eyes, a glimmer of mercy and hesitance still evident in his pupils.

“You’re right...” Collin responded, reaching for something in his belt hidden by his jacket. “It doesn’t.”

Before Kevin could react, a gunshot rang out and a bullet grazed his cheek, forcing him stumbling back. He raised his hand to the injury, feeling the stinging, bleeding scratch. That was the final straw.

“So be it.”


Vettel: Holy (expletive) he fast.
Hamilton: Hello there-
Vettel: Holy (expletive) he's Hamilton.
Hamilton: By the power of the anicients, s🅱innala
Vettel spuned
Vettel: Holy (expletive) it can get worse than this.
His front wing: Guess again fukboi!
Vettel's front wing removed

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When you and your friend both reach for the last pizza pocket

Vick Mcfadden

Ultimate workout song 💪

Killamon _5000



@Lilbankaccount lol literally the result when u search pizza pocket is pizza rolls.

Ma5ter Drago

thy who doesn’t know how to battle, may not have the final pizza pocket. May the battle begin, may the best get the pizza pocket

The Senate

@Cortez Martinez "This is where the fun begins."

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Pedro Barros

When the kid who wears shorts at winter meets the kid that wears a hoodie in summer

Sparkle doggo2

I guess I'll punch myself

Marshall Weintraub

I'm literally both 🤡🤡🤡


What if you're both

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