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Arrival of the Birds
The Cinematic Orchestra Lyrics

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Just me

Imagine standing in front of the ocean...the breeze of air is hitting ur face...the smell of the sea getting into ur nose...oh that amazing fresh air...and u just...stand their looking at the waves...and u say u made it
I made it.........
I’m alive.......
I’m okay.....
everything will be okay....
Nd u just smile cuz life is worth it
LIFE IS WORTH IT DARLING, just look closer and you’ll see the beauty of it...
Growing up, marrying the love of your life, having kids, get to touch their tiny little soft hands, get a promotion on your job (yeah why not and who said u can’t?), listening to beautiful tracks like this, dance, sing and I don’t care if u have a bad voice just sing...and so much more.
Life is beautiful and so are you, you’ll be okay, take this a sign and I’m saying things will get better.
Love you 💖

空の Rain

No matter where you are, no matter how you are. No matter what language you speak, where you are from, if you're dead or alive, this song, ever and forever, will stay in our minds.
Do you know exactly what is this commentary? One among billions, just a code. A code that a software is converting into letters, to make words and sentences.
So, if you're alive, live like theses birds. Live for what you are really, live for your parents, your family, your friends and for you. Fly like the birds, become someone you want to be, everything is possible. If you're dead, you have to know that people still care about you. They still loves you.
Life, death, theses two are beautiful.

This music makes you, you and me, feel something. We don't know what it is. But I'm sure of one thing :

Even if we are separated, we don't know each others, knows our names, or whatever you want :

Because of this music, we have met in another world. I can see all of you, shadows without faces, feel this music. We all feel it.

That is because, today, I want to tell you something :
Take care of everyone I can't help for me.

I love you.

-A random person in the world.

Tᴏʙɪᴀs Rɪᴇᴘᴇʀ

This song has something magical, it can't be properly described with my words.

What I can tell is that this makes me remind me of all the good in the world, the good in the people, in your surroundings and in your loved ones. That we should never forget what we are given, and should respect each other for who they are, not what they are. That being yourself is more important than being someone you're not.
This song is something like many other songs can give, which is magic. 

For me this song can remind us that, what ever you believe in, what ever kind of background you have... we can not live without each other, all though sometimes we can hate each other.
If people start to understand that together we are more important than being alone, and that respecting yourself and everyone else for who they are is more important than giving opinions about everything.

Now i usually never leave comments like this around on You tube, and i sense not much people will bother reading it. And if you do, than i can only thank you for being who you are. And hope you can be happy with who you are, whether you know me or not. It isn't important anyway. But please, enjoy this song as much as i do.

R Jay

As we live throughout time and space, we've seen so much today.
Today marks the beginning
Tomorrow marks the the first step
The future marks the second step
And death marks the last step
For each step we take we create ripples that form are surroundings.
Tonight when you sleep remember
The time you close your eyes is the time your adventures begin
Create ripples
Bring the good
Be the wisest
Be the strongest
Be legendary

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fml, everytime that i hear this song I cry haha

joao vitor

Say too i

Francesco Trombetta

Klaus qui?


Ciao klaus hai pienamente ragione

Hyjnx dnb

im here wit you brother

Konstantin Radu

Ciao Klaus mi mancano i tuoi prank al telefono

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Reece Berkeley

For 4 years I lived in an endless cycle of depression and not knowing my place in the world. But I do now, I'm gonna be a director and a screenwriter. I love film but music is something more, something but personal and universal at the same time. Everyone can relate to a song and have a different feel about music. This song makes me happy to be alive and makes me excited for the future of my life. To everyone reading this who might be in depression like I was, keeping fighting, the world is a beautiful fucking place and so are u, live ur life cause you'll regret missing out on beauty

Catarina De Lima Pimentel

My best wishes to you sweetie!

Linda Hoffman

@MalluArabianFoods I’m so sorry you’re struggling with that feeling of emptiness - seems like most of us here have shared your journey. Please just remember that it IS a journey and if we don’t learn lessons and grow stronger along the way then we’ve suffered for nothing. You WILL find your purpose and maybe it won’t be what you thought or planned but it will be your own unique destiny. Someone here said “If you get tired learn to rest, not quit”

Lacky Nahal

@Linda Hoffman The whole way and code of the Samurai changed Cruise's thinking and beliefs. It was at that he knew his destiny.

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