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How Do You Introduce A Mob?
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@@paranjaynajan7717 Let me explain... Basically the whole error comes to the lack of needed bits. Your number is "made" out of powers of 2.
So decimal numbers are represented as
2^(-1) = 0,5
2^(-2) = 0,25
And so on...
To get all the necessary numbers "inbetween" you add a combination of these powers of two together.

But... Here comes the problem... There is only limited number of decimal bits available in your computer. So there's a limit to how precise your decimal number can get.

And when you play with different numbers it sometimes "overflows" and gives you less precise number than it theoretically should.

Hope it makes a bit of sense since I am not very good at explaining shit xD


step 1:
cut off anything before decimal and make result an integer
step 2:
add the results together
step 3:
cut off decimal and .
step 4:
add the results together
step 5:
make a string like this
{result from step 4}.{result from step 2}
step 6:
convert it to float


if I had to create a calculator in any langauge, I would create a Fraction class and store the number as an integer numerator and denominator. Then I would implement addition/mult/etc myself. It obviously slower than directly doing it on the CPU but it's 100% accurate.

0.1 + 0.2 becomes 1/10 + 1/5

then you would find the lowest common denominator, which is 10. then convert both fraction to take that denominator

1/10 + 2/10

the addition in here is simple, just add the nominators


you would then return that value as a Fraction object. You can then create a "toString" function to convert this to a number if you need it for display.


OO, huh?

Okay, so, every integer is also a rational, with a denominator if 1, which means integers should be a subclass of rationals, right? Because not all rationals are integers, so they have to be the superclass.

And all rational numbers, including integers, are real numbers.

And of course positive numbers are a subclass of signed numbers. Unsigned integers are a subclass of unsigned rational numbers, and so on.

And signed real numbers are a subclass of complex numbers, which in turn are a subset of quaternions, and so on.

Integers are also a subset of surreal numbers, so we need multiple inheritance.

But what is the base class for numbers in general?

Are matrices a subclass of tensors or are tensors a subclass of matrices? Either way, either are subclasses of Hilbert space, that much is certain. But scalars act differently from matrices and tensors, so scalars are not.

Is countable infinity a subclass of infinity, or is it a singleton?

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First it was buffer overrun, then floats, what could be next. How about alignment faults?


stop making people think that c is hard


BigNum gang...


step 1: prove 0.1+0.2=0.3
step 2: put it in comments
step 3: ???
step 4: profit


Give me the dope on youtube man... I need it, bad.

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> "Programming in C until I go insane"
> Video is 1 minute and 15 seconds long

Sounds about right


Too long.


That’s 1 minute and 10 seconds too long


He lasted 1 1/4 minutes? Superhuman!

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