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She Just Likes to Fight
Four Tet Lyrics

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Isaiah Werich

That party was fucking epic

Robert Cunningham

This song perfectly describes the feeling of waking up after a party not knowing if you should sleep or do something productive, whether you should call whoever's number you got, or whether to keep partying. I call it post party depression. 

Mar Sol

Just watched him last night in Ally Pally and that’s how I felt this morning...

Alex Pagliari

The xx-intro is definitely the song for that moment

Stephen Santos

i play this or the song intro by the XX when i too party hard last night and just listen to this and think of the happy moments you've done last night at a party


Truest comment I've ever read

Ezra Graneau

@Robert Cunningham This song was actually played after the party in the movie "Project X"

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When I was in college a while back I was going threw some hard times. I remember being up late one night having a mental breakdown when a guy from school messaged me and started talking to me. He ended up sending me this song. I don't think he know's he helped save my life that night.

Greg C

hope you're keeping well hairlikeafox, sending big love your way xx

Santiago FC

You should let him now if he's still within your radar :)

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