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Julia Marcell Lyrics

You are the perfect box to keep my heart in
Try to hide your smile when carousel goes...

I look into your eyes but you don't see me
So many notes like light years between us

I'll wait
I will stay
Not for you
Not today

The stars agree - you're meant for me
The cards all say you're on my way

Screw common sense
I'll take my chance

You say i don't know you
But do you know yourself?
Can you be fully known
Like the back of someone's hand?

Can you be like the back of my own hand?

When all the clouds get dark above me
And all my hours disapoint me
You are the perfect box to keep my heart in
So far away but still there.

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Comments from YouTube:


Listened to this when it first came out so many years ago. Today the first line spring into my head randomly and I had to google and find the I am. I forgot how beautiful it was. Listening to it takes me back to that time when life felt so open and possible, when as a young adult my identity was growing and I was forging my way in the world.

I miss those days.

Kasia Gach

Muzyka Julii jest jak stara skrzypiąca szafa ukryta gdzieś na strychu, pachnąca marzeniami, dziecięcymi fantazjami...dająca poczucie odskoczni...dziękuję za ten skrawek "innego" świata

Martin Dalheimer

very nice compostion. Julia is a real messenger of good instrumental music to young people. Wish her glory and honour! Sabine


jamas me cansare de escuchar esta cancion


This and "Night of the living dead" are for sure the best tracks on the album.

Oliver Clark

Iv never been moved by music so much, it's just the emotion in her voice in all of her songs. Beautiful.

Laura PL

Me muero con ese piano y esa dulce voz. IN-CRE-Í-BLE.

silvio Henrique mendes

Muito bom !! From Brasil !!

Mariana Bustamante

Es la mejor cancion que e escuchado ultimamente..! <3 (: i like so much :D is beautiful really <3 Congratulations <3 julia ...!


You are the perfect box to keep my heart in.... love this

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