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Aisha Duo Lyrics

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my fellow people of culture, we meet again. this track oozes with utter sophistication, feels like being at a beautiful terrasse somewhere in europe over looking the sea on a beautiful sunset.

Asheera Damita

somewhere in japan... there was a winter resort.


windows vista has made this track so popular.there is an air of mysticism in this it.

BubbaSteve Garcia

SUDIPTO BOSE Vista lmao it’s been around since atleast millennium edition


@BubbaSteve Garcia Since when? ME Released in 2000, Vista released in 2007. That's 7 years. Do you even google bro?

The Drums That Play In Authentic Sky.

I love this song! It came as a sample song when I got my first computer. 

de secret Doge

me too


Windows Vista? It surely did!

Clo CrazeCartoonGal

Windows vista

The Drums That Play In Authentic Sky.

Clo CrazeCartoonGal Yeah Windows Vista. I miss those times.

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