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by Black Sabbath

The epidemic from a crystal lie
Puts you in super over drive
The methademic that is so hard to hide
Insanely staring with wide eyes

Hellucinating in a chemical Hell
Ain't my idea of having fun
Synthetic overload you're under its spell
Your super nightmare's just begun

You try to stop, but it controls you
Your love affair with it won't last
You're on a suicidal ride of self-destruction
And in the end you're gonna crash

You live too fast
You live too fast

You look just like a dead man alive
Losing the fight for survival
You sit and wait at Hell's fiery gate
Waiting the Devil's arrival

You live so fast you need more methademic crystal
You never sleep you just keep goin'
Just push the trigger on your hypodermic pistol
Each time you're dying without knowing

You live too fast
You live too fast

What's the point it's killing you without you even knowing
I can tell you've sold your soul and hell is where you're going
I'll see you there

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This song came out when I was an addict. 2 years clean but it still haunts my mind. Luckily I know Ozzy had a hard time with substance abuse and I love him too much to keep going. Don't make fun of addicts. They need help. I love you Ozzy

Mark Palavos Vrahotes

@Three Balled Tomcat I use a lot of Kratom but never was an opiod addict. Its good gives you some euphoria not like the other stuff. I dont have pain though just a lot of anxiety and depression.

Joe Beese


Three Balled Tomcat

@Damian Dehart -I have been using Kratom for quite a while now for pain control. I really does help, but it isn't a euphoria inducing alkaloid . It does really help with withdrawal symptoms, so if you know someone who needs that kind of help, suggest Kratom to them. If you are suffering from pain still, give Kratom a try. It is far cheaper and safer than some of the other options, believe me.....

Damian Dehart

@Three Balled Tomcat yup, i havent done fentanyl or opiates in months but i still get dreams here and there, never really goes away

Three Balled Tomcat

We never really "beat" addiction, we just have to keep fighting that demon from day to day....Only a person that has been there can know what that is like.

No Quarter

Badass song and it has a good message. Meth is a hell of a drug, stick with sweetleaf my friends.

221 b

@Trisha Яønk For christs sake a 16 year old can be in charge of a two ton vehicle that can do 160 mph and mow down an entire town worth of people before the cops can stop him but I can't buy a gram of weed legally? Bullshit. If people can have knives, scissors and automatic weapons, they can have coke and opium. Treat the addicts instead of putting them in jail and fund that by putting a tax on drugs like there is on tobacco. Problem solved, society much better. You do what you want but don't tell another adult what to do as long as it's not hurting anyone else. Not working out is way more harmful than smoking weed. So should be put fat people in concentration camps until they loose weight for their own good, because people are too dumb to decide for themselves? NO! If we can have cheeseburgers and gallon cokes and shotguns and cars, we can have a little line or a joint. Or maybe a joint laced with opium while doing a line and drinking a cup of hand brewed filter coffee? The universe has been around for 14 billion years. The average human lifespan is basically three seconds compared to that. Why not enjoy life and let others enjoy life too. Stop preaching and take a look at yourself. I bet you could improve upon yourself as well. So while I try to cut back on my weed consumption, why don't you cut back on being sanctimonious bitch. And I mean that in the kindest way possible. Have a wonderful day.

221 b

@Trisha Яønk No weed is okay. If weed is not okay alcohol is not okay too but alcohol is okay. So weed is too. Things get fuzzy around coke and opium. Strong stuff for sure but it should be legal for an adult. It was for thousands of years and society didn't collapse. The addicts get their hands on it anyway. Let the responsible drug users enjoy their smoke of opium once in a while. The junkies can't be helped anyway. If there weren't drugs they be doing some other awful thing to fill the giant hole in their hearts. The really dangerous stuff is acid. Opium might mess up your body but acid can cost you your sanity. And that's all one has in the end. Well no body no sanity but you get my point. I'd rather be physically fucked but sound of mind than the other way around. If I end up with brain damage for gods sake pull the plug. Don't let me drool all over myself embarrassing everyone. So kids don't do drugs! Adults, for gods sake if I can be in control of a two ton vehicle doing 160 mph I should be allowed to smoke a joint and maybe lace it with a little opium and maybe have a line if someone's offering. What are we gonna forbid knives too? And what about rope? How many suicides have happened thanks to rope. And razor blades? Dangerous as fuck. We should ban them and just use scissors when the beard gets too long. But my goodness scissors? That too dangerous to be entrusted upon society. You know how many eyes are lost every year? Or we can say we are adults and most of us can handle our booze or our opium and the few that can't, well there should be treatment for that and there is. Treat the addicts, don't put them in jail. What does that help the problem. Congratulations if you read all the way to the end. Have a nice day.

Trisha Яønk

Just dont do drugs period

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