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Heart of Courage
Thomas Bergersen Lyrics


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on Sonera

TJB uses Latin in his choral orchestral tracks. Each sound was recorded for his sample library. You can see the same in his Bulgarian choral tracks. Often it doesn’t mean anything but just the way the choir was recorded to correlate with a chord or note on a keyboard. Yet when he records live, whatever choir can sing any thing despite it not making sense. That said, Thomas always chooses a track title or adds in Easter eggs that have a much deeper meaning than most listeners ever realize. Some fans absolutely pick up on this, maybe more than TB is comfy with, but he will never admit it publicly. Only those close enough to know will chuckle when reading such. He does give seldom hints on occasion via SM, but most miss this. TB is indeed brilliant, but does not take the time to have every lyric make sense. A fan can be sure however that the album he puts a track on or the track title are the smallest hints. His music is solely born of his life emotions.

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