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Invisible Pedestrian
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Comments from YouTube:


i love listening to this song while walking by the city in those strange cloudy days, when you are not sure if it´s gonna start rainning or if the day it´s gonna keep being so misteriously grey.


Wow, I heard this song by accident about 3 months ago online and it caught me by surprise and wrote down the name of the group. I just did a search and luckily they're on YouTube!!! Awesome tune... I can't stop listening to it. :-)


It was never an accident ;)

Enrique Larregui

Listo para levitar, elevarme y disfrutar de este excelente sonido, chingon 🇲🇽❤️🇲🇽 saludos desde México, they played in Salon 21 México City, years ago. Excellent Band👍🏻

Echo 20

Can't get enough of Invisible Pedestrian, looking out for more of this amazing work .

khotso m

Only heard this song yesterday I was mesmerized wow to think it's been around for so long

jim dougall

fantastic drum patterns

İbrahim Öztürk

Issız yerlerde dolaşmak korkutucu gelir belki ama en değerli şeyler oralarda bulunur; çünkü kimse cesaret edememiştir girmeye...Derinler ve dipler ürkütücü gelir belki ama en büyük eşsizlikler orada saklıdır...Belki ileride bir yerde düşer bu not karşıma. Burçak'ın tavsiyesi ile dinledim bu parçayı...

Kevin Patrick Crowley

In my top three tunes to bug out to while I am in the office, glued to my chair, buggin’ out to data… mindlessly.

At 6:24 of the tune; I re-hit the play button.

These delicious  beats make life a little more tolerable when faced with long term data analysis projects……


Just thought I'd remind you of this song it's on iTunes now too. Have a trippy day

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