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Aphex Twin Lyrics

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sam samson

this song fr sounds like what you hear before you born, like if there was a waiting room for life where your soul waited to be placed into a body this song would be playing. its like the perfect sound for the loading screen to life it just sounds so neutral


This is addicting to listen to

0 1

The Pads here are so lush ❤️

Justin Dawson

It feels motivational for me


It feels very melancholy to me. As if this represents trying to help yourself in the midst of a depressive episode. Every time I’ve come back to this one it’s when I’m doing exactly that.

Margarito Pineda

Lo-fi beats to smack your handpan to.




this sounds like back in 95-20

César Ortega

i know what u meant, i was born in 1996 and my mom was listenting A LOT of afx/aphex twin it definitely sounds very late 90's early 2000's


@Brewis i ment the songs were ranging from way before the album, to when the album was released. here is in depth

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